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Music Review: Believe by Raishein

R&B over the decades has borrowed its strongest elements from Gospel. From the harmonies and melodies of various songs right down to the actual singers, Urban Gospel music laid a solid foundation not only for R&B but also pop music in general. Raishein’s debut Gospel album Believe shows all who listen that gospel  music is coming full circle. With solid R&B underpinnings, Believe proves that solid Gospel music can be just as accessible as R&B that bombards our today’s youth.

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The range of notes this Houston, TX, singer/songwriter is able to achieve with her voice reminds me of Cheryl “Coko” Clemons, the gospel singer formerly of the platinum selling R&B group SWV.  Raishein’s alto is powerful and angelic. Her soprano notes are enchanting to the point you can feel the intensity of her emotions.

The 11 songs on the Pre-Release Version of the Believe album is full of laid back R&B jams reminiscent of the late 90s and early 00s (minus the bump and grind). Raishein’s lyrical abilities shine on every track drawing her listeners to celebrate joy and praise God. There are a few songs that stand out, such as I’ve Got Joy, Help Me, Trust and Choose.

  • Choose is musically different to what orthodox Gospel listeners may think Gospel music should sound like. I liked the use of drums and the bass to drive the rhythm. Raishein’s lyrics speak of truth and hold everything together like glue.
  • Raishein makes a great connection with her listeners on Trust. I suggest anyone going through  tough times, enemies and despair to let this song seep into their soul.  This song is truly inspiring.
  • Help Me is a powerful ballad that makes great use of a piano to showcase Raishein’s vocal presence. Raishein truly pours her soul with lyrics of love, life and loyalty to the Lord. This song gives listeners a chance to really hear what Raishein has as a singer.
  • I’ve Got Joy demands you to jump out of your seat and stomp your feet. From the first note this song is funky and defiant. You’ll feel like shouting from the first note. Since it’s one of the faster cuts on the CD, you’ll probably be sweating by the time the next song starts. This is the perfect song to play when Satan attempts to steal your happiness and falls flat on his face…

As the Princess of Gospel Pop Music, Raishein gives to you her musical testimony to God. Believe is the perfect CD for the lover of Christ that also loves the vibes of soft R&B.

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Music Review – 29th St – The Stone Lounge EP

29th st

From the opening synthesizer and bass line on the song Movin’, you know you’re going to be on a ride that can last for hours. Their MySpace page brands their music as “Down-tempo/Experimental”, but the music grop known as 29th St. sounds like a modern-day funk/jazz band that has been grooving together for decades.

Their debut release, entitled The Stone Lounge EP, is a four-song offering shows a lot of promise for future releases. Keyboardist Andrew and bass player Rai have been getting radio play on the Santa Monica’s 89.9 KCRW, but this EP has a global appeal. The live hip hop drums on Indentation serve as the appropriate foundation for Andrew and Rai ride. They weave together a jam that can easily stay on repeat and not agitate the listener.

Flavour starts with Gabriel Rodriguez Botsford playing the flute with the raspy soul of a West African griot telling the story of the history of music. Andrew comes in with a keyboard melody that’s equally powerful. He and the flute player trade back and forth as naturally as a conversation between two respectful musicians finding a common ground on the aural landscape of syncopated drums and plucked bass licks.

The dreamy Monkeywrist quickly turns into a weird nightmare of spoken word poetry/rap. One of the inner panels has the lyrics of Monkeywrist written out. The lyrics are just as powerful when listened to as they are when read. Although only four songs and a little under ten and a half minutes long, The Stone Lounge EP will prove to be a great addition to the collection of music lovers of all kinds. Exclusive Offer:

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For more info about 29th St, go to there myspace page at: