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Green Tea: Natural Remedy for Acne

The popularity and importance of natural remedies is on the rise again. And for good reason, many times the remedies are inexpensive with side effects being few to none. Instead of expensive medicines with scary disclaimers (like nose bleed, diarhea, death), more and more people are starting to feel comfortable with things can grow in a yard.

Did you know there are home remedies for acne? If they worked “in ye olde day”, why wouldn’t they continue to be effective now? Think about it, acne has been acne since humans have had skin. What did people to two or three hundred years ago? Proactiv? I think not…

Green tea has aided in the Continue reading Green Tea: Natural Remedy for Acne

The Top 5 Acne Myths

We all know that acne is a common problem among teens. Some people who have survived their teens know firsthand that acne doesn’t always clear up by adulthood. There are considerable problems that can occur with both teen and adult acne, and there are treatments to counteract both.When dealing with acne, a lot of people focus on curing acne. However, it is equally important to recognize what doesn’t cause acne. Just like the persistence of gossip and rumors, there are plenty of myths about acne that are based on misinformation.

This article will dissect those myths and perceptions. You will have a better understanding which will dispel the misconceptions associated with those myths and have you dealing with the actual and factual. Continue reading The Top 5 Acne Myths

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