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This is the perfect giveaway for authors. Have you ever held participated in a book event and wanted a huge poster of your book cover to showcase that you are in the building and ready to share?

Are you ready to win one? and (a great site to Print Online your promotional materials) has the perfect giveaway to hook you up!

All you have to do to participate in this giveaway is to leave a comment. (Make sure you spell your email address correctly.) I will use to randomly pick a winning email address. You will be able to verify that your email address was entered into this contest and also verify whether or not your email won this contest.

Here is what the one (1) person with the winning email will get:

  • 18″x24″ Poster Print coupon from sent to your email

  • Paper Stock: High Gloss or Semi Gloss

  • Specifications: 1 Business Day Turnaround

  • Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping

  • Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only

Comments must be left no later than 11:59 pm EST on Monday, March 29, 2010, to participate in this giveaway. (If you canÒ€ℒt find where to leave the comments, CLICK HERE!)

I, Joey Pinkney, will receive a Poster Print from for hosting this giveaway.

Please click on the banners to learn more about each sponsor:

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69 thoughts on “The Poster Print Giveaway Hosted by”

  1. This is a giveaway that I really need to win. No matter who wins, this was kind of you to do.

  2. In to Win 2010. Wow we even have Vanessa Miller here to win…go Joey. I would like to have a poster of “Desire at Will” and a pic of me in it somewhere.

  3. I think this is that stuff. That once in a life time thing to have enhance the old lady stories I will tell to my grand-babies one day Joey. I got the wall picked out already for when I Winn. I must think positively to get a head in life! However;if I don’t Winn I still got some Damn good stories to tell the Children.

  4. I think this is awesome and I hope I win it so I can have a full poster of “The Only Way is Up.” I’m already making plans for the poster…lol.

  5. As usual Joey, a wonderful opportunity is presented via your site! Keep doing what you do, it is such a valuable and appreciated service!! (I’m still getting great feedback on my interview!)

  6. Well, guess I am back…. I still loved the last two interviews that you did.. Very inciteful to say the least. Go ahead and sign me up for this one as well… Doesn’t hurt to try this time….

  7. Hey Joey,

    I’m here and leaving a comment. Thanks for all you do for all of us, Joey, real talk.

    I want to win this but even if I don’t, its good to know that I’m down by law πŸ™‚


  8. Awesome giveaway! Posters are a great marketing tool for book signings. Thanks Joey for the opportunity!

    Yay for Joey!

  9. Hey Joey!
    This is a wonderful tool and thank you for all you do. It is recognized and I commend you and appreciate you for sticking by Authors, seasoned and rookies!
    Many Blessings!

    P.S. This is my entry to win LOL

  10. Hey Joey!
    Yes enter me into the contest:

    Also, to all, be sure to stop by amazon, search “jeremiah Sings the Blues” by cassandra washington, download the FREE kindle version, and make a customer review of my excerpt for the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Love ya! – Cassi

  11. JAMBO!
    Joey, You are doing a great job! Keep on keeping on! PITS Soul Brother #6

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