5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Andrea Clinton, author of A Blessing and a Curse

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Andrea Clinton, author of A Blessing and a Curse
(Around The Way Publishing)

Malika couldn’t ask for much more, until her gift of sight and infrequent ability to read minds opened her up to her husband’s disgust, followed by his uncaring desire to leave her, the kids, and the bills.

Malika couldn’t figure out what had gone wrong in her marriage? But a well needed vacation helps her find her worth, but to what detrimental end? Malika learns the hard way that Life Knows No Bounds nor does it have mercy; not even for good people with kind hearts.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to write A Blessing and a Curse?

Andrea Clinton: Just noticing everyday people and their problems was inspiration to write, “A Blessing and a Curse”. I noticed so many people experiencing some problem or another in their lives.

I wanted to shed light on the fact that everyone goes through issues and life events, whether good or bad. But if we hang in there, things may very well work themselves out. So I’d have to say the inspiration for this book is the issues in life we as people face, whether they are small, horrific, abnormal or awkward.

JP: What sets A Blessing and a Curse apart from other books in the same genre?

ac: The use of the abnormal, the gift of foresight is what separates this novel from others in the genre. I like using all the devices and qualities, etc., from various genres. I don’t want to be put in a box or be so confined that I don’t explore other ideas because they are ingredients for other genres.

I made sure that nothing about the use of the main character’s gift of foresight was scary. Instead, you get to look inside the mind and goings-on of a person who can see the future. Also, although you may not be able to relate to her blessing of seeing into the future, you will be able to relate to the issues that bombard her and her family. Lastly, I made sure to give the readers a few twists and turns in the read, a sort of, “Just when you thought it was all good….”

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that led to A Blessing and a Curse getting out to the public?

ac: Wow! Diligence, and not letting the obstacles placed before me pull me down. Anything that could happen to me while trying to get this book out, did, including a few deaths in the family, my health (Lupus), and other issues.

But, I had to constantly stay focused, and push hard to get this book out. This book was supposed to go into publication in the spring, but due to unfair and unethical business practices of another company, we had to hold off so as not to allow further usury.

So, in other words, endurance, yes, endurance, perseverance and struggle are all key to the success of this book coming into fruition.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take you to start and finish A Blessing and a Curse?

ac: How I start a book solely depends on how the idea for the story comes to me. If the theme comes to me first, I will analyze the type of main character that would lead the way in what that story is all about, what would make them be so involved, and what would make them do things the way they do them.

If I write by the plot, that is a little more work because then I have to sit and plot out the plot, going through each element of fiction in detail to get me that rising action, climax, and then make it all go down with a BOOM! Or have the reader in awe.

If I get an idea to write about a character or unique character trait and their personality, then I’m thinking how did they get that way? What lead up to them being who they are, and after I pull that together along with their past, their future just falls into place.

A Blessing and a Curse took me about a month to put together. It was initially a short story, but it took on a life of its own. Then, recently, I added some things for the fellas (based on things I learned from my brothers, uncles, other men, etc., that the ladies can benefit from; the inside straight so to speak, lol), just so it would not be a chick book. Because of how the husband, Hooch, misbehaves, I wanted men to read the book to see how this behavior affects women.

JP: What’s next for Andrea Clinton?

ac: My first novel, One Who Loves You More was picked up by a producer during the summer. Now that this book, “A Blessing and a Curse” is finished, I will be putting that book into play format, and we’ll be moving forward with the play.

Around The Way Publishing is planning a Book Release Party/Bazaar & Birthday Bash in May for me and my next two books. Part II of One Who Loves You More is due late summer.

We’re also planning for the biography I’m writing for my uncle, legendary George Clinton of P/Funk, and the Clinton Family story. I’m putting together a tour of Dramatic Monologues. They are monologues I’ve written over the past 15 years.

Also, I’m editor in chief of AMISTAD newspaper and magazine and it will be going live online via an eMagazine and Blog in the new year, with highlights in December. More information is forthcoming and will be placed on the website, Facebook and Twitter.




http://facebook.com/search Author Andrea Clinton




Yes, readers can look forward to seeing a lot from me in the coming years. I have a layout of things I want to do with my writing and have had a few meetings with producers; and have my eye on a manager with a lot of connections in Hollywood and on the independent film circuit, so, I’m seeking to have my writing seen on the big screen (USA and abroad), in plays, and on HBO, SHOWTIME and all the other cable networks. I love entertaining and I write to entertain with a purpose and with hope that people can get something out of my work. I look forward to entertaining the masses.

Also, please note that for ever book you purchase, we donate a portion of the proceeds to the Lupus Foundation of America.

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