5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… DeVaughn Lilly, author of The Magnificient Life of Gravvy Brown

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
DeVaughn Lilly, author of The Magnificent Life of Gravvy Brown
(Young Revolutionary Publishing)

This novel is about a young black man who has been convicted of killing his beloved mother. In the hours leading up to his execution for this unthinkable crime, he has been given the opportunity to sit down with a journalist and tell their unbelievable life story and how he ended up in that place.

His name is Gravvy Brown, and he claims to be innocent. This story is a fiction novel that takes place in early twentieth century New Orleans.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to write The Magnificent Life of Gravvy Brown?

DeVaughn Lilly: I got the inspiration to write this novel from all of the amazing, strong, black women who raised me. I also pulled inpiration from the wonderful city of New Orleans and the strong, heroic people who live there. This story, like the city, has a lot of depth, character, strength and history.

JP: What sets The Magnificent Life of Gravvy Brown apart from other books in the same genre?

D L.: What sets this book apart from other books of the same genre is the charisma and charm it has. Its romanticism and complexity is refreshing and diverse. It is steeped in controversy and history all while being very entertaining.

It is very rare for a novel to educate you on the history of your people, your country and entertain you on the highest level. From cover to cover, it is a non-stop history lesson and party all at the same time

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that led to The Magnificent Life of Gravvy Brown getting out to the public?

D L.: First thing is to stay true to yourself and write from the heart. Stay consistent, and PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE!!!! Advertising is everything. Also believe in yourself and your art, and you can’t lose.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take you to start and finish The Magnificent Life of Gravvy Brown?

D L.: My writing process consists of me coming up with a solid storyline and premise. It took me two months from the time of starting this novel to finish!

JP: What’s next for DeVaughn Lilly?

D L.: I am currently finishing my second full-length novel The Rising Phoenix, which is a completely different story then The Magnificent Life of Gravvy Brown. I am continuing to push this novel. I want to top the New York Times best sellers list and to win a Pulitzer Prize.

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This novel is the best fiction novel written in the last twenty years. It will leave you speechless and spellbound! It is one that you will soon not forget.

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