5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Donna Watford, author of Amazing Grace

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Donna Watford, author of Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us
(Jade Publishing)

Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us is the author’s memoir. It’s a spiritual journey of a mother and daughter; the conclusion is peace, be still. A journey anointed with the potential to revolutionize the thoughts of mankind.

This inspirational book focuses on social challenges including senseless killings and substance abuse. It has a subtle political twist that considers the sacrifices of Martin Luther King; unforgettable change. Their time together echoes the sentiments of President Barack Obama by depicting the effects from helping; circumstances change. A story offering the only love capable to change lives: John 3:16.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Amazing Grace?

Donna Watford: After the loss of my mother, there was such a void in my life; I asked God’s permission to write a story. Our story. He responded, “Yes.” Jesus cuddled me in his arms, rocked me and told a love story. Amazingly enough, it was the story of my life. I now feel compelled to share it with the world.

Amazing Grace is my testimony. I am so honored to be considered a child of The Most High God. I’ll never forget hearing the words; it’s finished. I fell to my knees in awe of His mighty works. I screamed out, “I don’t deserve it.” I thought, this could be anyone’s story; but God, He signed my name to Grace.

Now I consider when I read my story, I can pick any chapter and say, “Surely the Lord was there.” For who else could’ve met me in the Valley of the Shadow of Death and told me to fear no evil with such authority. As I lied limp and lifeless; Life Itself, picked me up and carried me to the river. It was Life that made me drink and rejuvenated my spirit. Life nursed me until I well enough to walk; then, Life took my hand and led me out of darkness into the marvelous light.

Now I, like David, must cry out to the world. Where would I be had it not been the Lord who was on my side? I write to spank death back. In obedience and with no strength of my own, I allow the Holy Spirit to use me and my story to change the lives of others.

JP: What sets Amazing Grace apart from other novels in its genre?

DW: God, Himself, individualized my story in that my walk would be tailored for: Donna. My memoir. As some will see similarities, there is not another person in the world who can claim my story. HE made it personal; just one of the many reasons that I love Him. I once was lost, but found by Grace.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to Amazing Grace getting out to the public?

DW: I’ve done all I understand to do; meaning, my success will depend on God. I now pray for help, and my path has come across people like you; someone who is willing to extend a helping hand. I anticipate there will be readers who will share the story with others. With an expectant heart, I believe God will always have His way and His purpose will go forth.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Amazing Grace?

DW: I write from the heart. Amazing Grace is my memoir, but I write songs and poetry from life experiences. I write with a grateful heart and jubilant spirit. I write to offer hope. It’s hard to remember the length of time taken to write the book, but the story was completed in 2007.

My best recollection is from a friend telling me I announced I was writing a book, and it was either thirty days or three months later that I announced the first draft was completed. December 16, 2007, I wrote a song that was included in the book, “A Mothers Love Song.” The book went for final edit July 2008. The finished product was received December 2008. The book will be available in bookstores June 2010. To God be the glory.

JP: What’s next for Donna Watford?

DW: I’m going to go before God for guidance and instructions on creating a healthcare magazine with a spiritual perspective. An opportunity to continue with my knowledge as a nurse and to inform the world of health issues plaguing our society. My mission is to give of myself to the world by inspiring, encouraging, and empowering. I started writing a novel and I’ve written several songs as well.


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