5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Ebony J. Lewis, Writer, Producer, Director: Truth Unspoken Web Series

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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Ebony J. Lewis, Writer, Producer, Director: Truth Unspoken Web Series

Filmed in New York City, Season 1 of “Truth Unspoken Web Series” is a thought evoking suspense love drama about life’s unexpected twist, turns and lessons.

It starts when Jay finds out his girlfriend Tracy has been less than truthful with him. He confronts her only to find out more than he could ever expect… But, Tracy is not the only one with a secret, Jay has one too…

Everything is brought to the light when Truths are revealed yet remain unresolved as an ensemble of events begins to enfold.

Where will the story end up? You will have to watch and see. This web-series, new-age soap opera will have you at the edge of your seat wanting more.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write, produce and direct Truth Unspoken Web Series?

Ebony J. Lewis: I got the idea to write Truth Unspoken initially because I wanted more content for my acting reel. I wanted to try my hand in directing because I’ve worked behind the scenes for so many projects and learned a lot.

While writing the script, it became more than that. I began thinking, “I may have something.” Then the writing took on a suspenseful tone, and I just went with it. My inspiration came from a tragedy that happened to my 18-year-old brother in 2004. He was killed by his 18-year-old girlfriend.

I feel like dishonesty is the epicenter of a lot of these cases as well as less tragic ones. I just wanted to put out the message of how important it is to have truth as a foundation in a relationship and tell the story in a relatable way.

JP: How were you able to parlay the initial response to Truth Unspoken Web Series’ first three episodes into a full 10 episode series?

EL: Good question! It was a journey from writing the 3 episodes in 2009 till now. I was planning on doing a few things, but I was going to leave it at 3 episodes and start a new story. The audience would not allow me to leave them hanging. I got countless emails and Facebook messages asking when episode 4 is coming out, among other things.

I knew I had to finish this up, and I am glad I did! Episode 3 was left with an open ending. It was not difficult to add new roles and expand the story line. Season 1 has 10 episodes.

JP: What role has the advent of social media and the Internet played in growing the awareness and quality of Truth Unspoken Web Series?

EL: Social Media have played a major part in the awareness of Truth Unspoken. By the click of one button, thousands of people can know about your project and can spread the word. Social Media are the best things that could have happened to independent filmmakers who have limited budgets.

JP: You are starting to attract some “star power” with the addition of Tobias Truvillion (from the soap opera One Life to Live and movie Brooklyn’s Finest), the Sachika Twins, NFL Star Shaun Smith, America’s Next Top Model 2nd Runner up Keenyah Hill (ANTM), Liris Crosse (from the movie The Best Man),  and Matthew Hayek. How did this come about, and what does this mean for the future of the series?

EL: Well, they were so impressed by the first 3 episodes. When I reached out to them, they were willing participants. Keenyah was one of the main characters in the original three episodes.

I spoke to Liris sometime in 2009 about her being in future episodes, and it worked out. The Sachika Twins To-Tam and To-Nya are my real good friends, and also I also knew Tobias for a long time. So everything worked out perfectly!

Unfortunately, Shaun Smith who was slated to be in the series, had schedule conflicts. He will be a part of future episodes. Sandra Denton, Salt from the group Salt-N-Pepa, also showed an interest in being a part of the web series.

There are still a lot of surprises coming in the near future!

JP: What’s next for Ebony J. Lewis?

EL: Well, I have two other projects that I am working on and excited about! One happens to be a documentary. I am going to continue actin,g and I plan to spend some time in L.A.!







Truth Unspoken Film Festival History

“Truth Unspoken” (Short film and the first 3 episodes of the web series) was written and directed by first-time filmmaker Ebony J Lewis.

It was the official choice of the HBO’s August 2009 Martha’s Vineyard African-American Film Festival and official choice of the Kodak Mid Atlantic Black Film Festival.

September 2009 Norfolk, VA, it was shown in the Women in Cinema Festival in November, and it’s made its Los Angeles debut in December 2009 at the 16th Annual African-American Film Market Place & S.E. Manly Short Film Showcase.

January 2010, Truth Unspoken was shown at a venue in Utah during the festivities of The Sundance Film Festival. Truth Unspoken was also featured in the NWIFT (New Women In Film & Television) Spotlight showcase in 2010.

Filmed in New York City April 2009,  the cast includes many Talented Actors including: “Americas Next Top Model” Keenyah Hill, former BET  host, Christopher Howard and International Inspirational Singer James Hall, the Writer/Director Ebony J Lewis, Tanda Mercer, Duane Wallace, Ron Bruce and Laurence Covington.

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