5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Frazier Boy, author of The Hustle

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Frazier Boy, author of The Hustle
(DC Bookdiva Publications)

The Hustle is about one man’s quest to stay on the right path as he re-enters society after incarceration. The book deals with real life issues that affect many people who re-enter society.

I wanted to entertain my readers but also challenge them to think – think about what people in these situations have to face and also give readers who have been in this situation an opportunity to examine their choice after being given a second chance at freedom.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to write The Hustle?

Frazier Boy: My incarceration inspired me to write The Hustle. Because I, too, was once a Sean that had dreams of becoming the next big rapper. Unfortunately, my addiction to the streets and the game proved to be much stronger than my dreams and desires of being a rapper.

JP: What sets The Hustle apart from other books in the same genre?

FB: The thing that sets The Hustle apart from other books in the same genre is the fact that the story is realistic. It’s fiction but it’s realistic. It’s practically every hustler’s story, but yet different.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a number of fools in the game whose dreams and only intentions are to become the next kingpin. Most have aspirations of doing something greater by using the game as a stepping stool. This story gives the readers the perfect example of how easily it is to lose focus of self and get caught up in the street life while abandoning their dreams.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that led to The Hustle getting out to the public?

FB: The keys to my success that led to The Hustle getting out to the public is persistence, perseverance, ambition and hunger. Oh, and more persistence. Just ask my publisher. (laughter)

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take you to start and finish The Hustle?

FB: My writing process is to zone out everything around me and go all in. I get lost in the characters as I write. I become each and every character. It took about 8 months to start and finish The Hustle.

JP: What’s next for Frazier Boy?

FB: What’s next for Frazier Boy is more fire books with realistic plots that everyone can enjoy. Just well written stories overall. Then my plan is to slowly convert each and every novel into screen plays and take my career to that next level…




I’m a loving father of four, ambitious, motivated, driven and family oriented. I love to travel and meet new people. Not only do I want to entertain through my writing, I’m hoping to inspire the younger generation and get them to be receptive to want to think outside the box and be something other than a rapper, singer, or athlete.

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31 thoughts on “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Frazier Boy, author of The Hustle”

  1. I really enjoyed your interview. I will be reading this book and following your reviews.

  2. It sounds like its a book young men can sit down and read and learn alot from it i cant wait intill it comes out i will be getting a copy for my son and nephews maybe they will learn that husting in the streets isnt the only way to survive but they can over come it good luck frazier boy i wish u the most.

    1. A lot of people look down on Urban Lit because they think that this genre only glorifies violence. Books like The Hustle counter that by showing the reality of what goes on in the streets and those who play with them.

  3. Reading this let me know that i can be more then what iam, iam so happy for my uncle the way he explain the book let me see things in a different way and watchng somebody thats close to me to turn hustling into something other then what it is stereotype to be my uncle always been my daddy figure he the ideal man they dont make em like that anymore he let me know no matter how bad i mess up he still loves me (tear) and i can turn anything into a hustle and i can be what i want to be iam so pround of you unc and i cant wait intill it hit the stores im got to buy it just make sure you sign mines first . And Joey pinkney great interview more props to you.

  4. I will surly get this book for my son who at the present time is incarcerated, sometimes we need to hear other stories to make us wake-up, you can to young adults up until they get grown and sometime they do not listen so this can be a wake-up call.

    1. The support of family and other sources is crucial when a person is truly trying and not just wasting resources because he is in a bad situation. I know your son is trying to better his situation, and Frazier Boy’s may be one of those books that sparks a much needed change or keep progressive momentum going in dark times.

      Thank you, Joyce.

  5. Great interview. Like the direction you have planned for yourself. “realistic plots that people can enjoy. Just overall good writing!” Love that. Much success to you keep doing your thing.

  6. I would like to win a copy of this book to give to my Nephew maybe this will help encourage him to fallow his dream and not his peers.

  7. I would love to win a copy of this book because it is by an author who chose to not let the choices he made keep him down. It is good to see a man follow his dreams and not come out and do the same things that put him in jail. Keep on doing good and positive things.

  8. I’m very interested to see his take on it as I am a witness to the process as my husband was once incarceraated looking forward to reading this too and I will let my husband read it too!!

    Thanks Joey for hightlighting Frazier


  9. I can’t wait to read the book I got. To read. The. Sample. On kindle and was really into. It I would. Like. To thank. Frazier boy for such a great. Book. Don’t stop writing

  10. I love that the book is based on true facts…..8 months to write the book was time well spent & the ingredients or a good book: persistence, perseverance, ambition and hunger….love it!!!!

  11. I wanna read this so bad,it sounds like there is a lesson to be learned! And a message to the ppl!. Congrats frasier boy!

  12. I cant wait to either win or buy this book. After reading the reviews I am ultra excited. Here is a man with a story to tell. I cant wait to read it!!!!

  13. A wonderful idea for a book. Sadly so many men, who’ve done their time, and are ready for the next phase of their lives aren’t able to stay on the right paths because society is not set up for them to succeed. I hope that this book helps someone in need. Much success Frazier.

  14. I would love to win a copy of “The Hustle”! I can bring it to my bookclub meeting and share this novel with the others members.

  15. Though I’m not the biggest fan of street literature, mostly because of the explicit sex scenes (and because I’ve seen way to many kids too young reading this genre), I definitely read and support any work of fiction that is realistic and has a positive message to communicate. I believe that you can take a negative, including incarceration and criminal activity, and turn it into a positive. I am proud of any one that makes a positive change in their life because I know from first-hand experience that it is not easy, especially when you grow up in an environment that expects nothing else from you but what everyone else is doing.

    I’m glad he’s sending a message to kids that there is more to aspire to than just to be a rapper, entertainer or athletes–not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the vast majority of kids will not fall into those categories. Our communities also need doctors, lawyers, chemists, etc.

    Keep up the great work – rooting for you!

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