5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Ia Uaro, author of Sydney’s Song

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Ia Uaro, author of Sydney’s Song

Grounded firmly in suburban settings where heartbreaks are juxtaposed with humour, “Sydney’s Song” is a beautiful love story amid tragedies showcasing a young girl’s courageous journey to adulthood.

It will entertain readers of any genre who occasionally want something different in their bookshelves.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to write “Sydney’s Song”?

Ia Uaro: “Sydney’s Song” is a fictionalized true stories. A vivid portrayal of the people of Sydney, the first half was inspired by friends I once worked with. The second half was inspired by my husband’s true condition. “Sydney’s Song” shows the world that living with disabilities does not prevent a person from attaining happiness.

JP: What sets Sydney’s Song apart from other books in the same genre?

IU: I have received these feedback:

UVI POZNANSKY:”I was too busy laughing and crying at every twist and turn of this story.”

MATT POSNER: ““Sydney’s Song” demonstrates the way in which human beings can thrive under adversity using the power of their hearts and wills.”

IRINA DUNN: “Intelligent, touching, interesting and funny.”

PHIL NORK: “The writing was superb, the story kept me interested and the ending touched me in ways most books don’t.”

NORMA FOWLER: “Riveting… a young woman who is very keenly perceptive in all people and situations about her.”

JACOB COATES: “A fantastic love story grounded quite firmly in a suburban setting with real characters.”

J. LENNI DORNER: “Wonderful and compelling…The exploration of the dynamic of the broken family was deeply moving.”

DIANA WILDER: “A wonderful book that will have you smiling, weeping – and then smiling widely through your tears.”

CYPHER LX: “Balancing a full range of emotions, Ia Uaro brings Sydney and a full cast of characters to life while handling difficult situations and topics in a wonderfully delicate manner”

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that led to Sydney’s Song getting out to the public?

IU: “Sydney’s Song” is complex without being complicated, easy to read without being simplistic. The structure has been meticulously balanced to a perfect symphony. I achieved that by listening to hundreds of input. I appreciated even the slightest feedback.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take you to start and finish Sydney’s Song?

IU: I never forget a writing tip I heard when I was 13 from an award-winning teen writer. After the first draft, expand the story until the original word count is doubled. This will stretch your imagination and writing skills to the utmost. When that’s done, bring the manuscript back to the original word count. This step will save your readers from tears of boredom.

I wrote my initial draft in three months. I waited for my beta readers in the next six months, followed by the word-reduction process. Next, I had it professionally assessed by a renown critic, followed by a re-structure where I had to delete many scenes to focus on my characters’ lives. That done, I had it professionally edited, before throwing it to the “wolves” once again. The whole process was two years.

JP: What’s next for Ia Uaro?

IU: Another real-life socio-fiction. “Sydney’s Song” is many things. I’m waiting to see which parts appeal the most to my readers, then I will focus on these aspects.





A warm hello to my readers. Enjoy the book. Please visit my Guestbook on my website and drop me a line. I’m fundraising for the BRAIN FOUNDATION, if you like this novel please tell others. It is also a perfect gift idea because the story is delightful and heartwarming. And oh, come visit Aussieland and visit Sydney’s jaunts.

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