5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Marc Lacy, author of LyriCode 256

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Marc Lacy, author of LyriCode 256
(AVO Publishing)

LyriCode 256 lathers the ears with a uniquely creative vibe that simply shocks the listener into a lyrical submission. This production is Marc Lacy’s most mature work yet. Lyricode 256 is heavily comprised of precise, hard hitting verbal images painted over a superior and grooved-out canvas furnished by the one and only Maestro/Producer Canita Rogers (Quiet Girl Music Productions) herself.

Fourteen vibrant tracks, aimed for mature ears, speak directly to the effect of a myriad of issues that plague local communities as well as those abroad.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write and produce LyriCode 256?

Marc Lacy: I was mainly inspired to record this CD in an effort to capture my sentiments on several issues impacting this country and the world. My goal was not to stray away from the hardline with this one.

JP: What sets LyriCode 256 apart from your other spoken word projects?

ML: LyriCode 256 actually strategically targets certain specific issues and strays away from what’s considered broad. This CD is also my most mature work yet.

JP: How would you explain the essence of spoken word to someone who is ignorant of its virtues?

ML: I would have them imagine a person telling a short story with emotion, feeling, rhythm, and cadence.

JP: Where do you see the art of spoken word poetry going in the future? Are there any trends on the horizon that we don’t see?

ML: I see more spoken word artists becoming public speakers, actors, comedians, and radio spot producers. Many fiction authors have begun utilizing spoken word at book discussions and presentations. Also I’ve seen prominent spoken word artists being featured in TV ads here as of late.

JP: What’s next for Marc Lacy?

ML: My plan is to continue my segue into the fiction world with Wretched Saints – Spiritual Short Stories, co-authored by Assuanta Fay Howard. However, spoken word CD production will continue (God willing) for the near term.

Facebook: Marc Lacy

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