5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Monica Marie Jones, author of SWAG

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Monica Marie Jones, author of SWAG
(The Literary Loft )

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Noelle Dresden stepped out on faith and left her full-time job to pursue her passion: singing. Six months later, her singing career hasn’t gone much of anywhere and neither has her relationship with her charismatic, yet sneaky boyfriend, Jonah.

Her pursuit leads her to accept an invitation to be a house guest on the popular, hit reality show, House of Swag, produced by entertainment industry mogul, Monroe “Paper” Chase. As Noelle rises toward super stardom, she has some difficult choices to make. What lies ahead of her looks so much better than what she has left behind.

Will she work to keep the love that she and Jonah shares alive, or will she choose fame, fortune and a man who can make all of her dreams come true?

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write SWAG?

Monica Marie Jones: I have a not so secret power crush on P. Diddy (Sean Combs). I call it a power crush because I often find myself drawn to men who are making major moves. After watching his reality show Making the Band one night, I had a dream that I was on one of his reality shows. When I woke up I began writing.

JP: With reality TV going strong for nearly two decades, it’s natural for other forms of media to incorporate this phenomenon. What research was required to make sure your readers get an authentic reality TV show experience with SWAG?

MMJ: To be completely honest, once I got cable I became addicted to reality television. I must admit that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from even the most silly and degrading shows. Having planned my schedule around watching an array of reality television shows over the years was more than enough research for the book.

JP: What have you learned from your previous publications that make SWAG a better product?

MMJ: After publishing my last novel FLOSS, I made it a point to ask literary industry professionals for honest feedback. Once I received that feedback, I actually made the suggested changes.

It’s hard to hear the truth about what you might need to improve upon, but it only makes you better. I also studied the reviews that I received for my previous titles and took some of the suggestions that I got from readers and book clubs that I’ve visited.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish SWAG?

MMJ: It took me less than a year to finish SWAG. If I’d actually sat down, created a schedule, and worked on it every day, I probably would have finished it in less than three months.

But my process is that sometimes I have to walk away and leave a manuscript alone for a while. Then an idea will come to me, or something will happen to motivate me to go back and write. I never want to force a story. I allow time for scenes to unfold in my mind.

JP: What’s next for Monica Marie Jones?

MMJ: Well, I have already begun outlining the third installment of the FLOSS series (SWAG is the second installment) called INTRIGUE. I plan to take a little writer’s retreat to really dig in and get started on the writing of that. I also have an ambitious goal of releasing two more books before the year is over…A poetry book called Sweet Soliloquy and a resource book called Book Marketing on A Budget.

In 2010, my work will be published in two anthologies: Bedtime Stories 3 by Hollygrove Publishing and The Souls of My Young Sisters by Kensington Publishing.


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Twitter @monicamjones


Monica Marie Jones is an author whose published works include The Ups and Downs of Being Round (Fiction/Self-Help), Taste My Soul (Poetry) and FLOSS (Urban Fiction). She is a contributing author in Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul, New Directions for Youth Development, and 44th (A full color coffee table book about President Barack Obama that is a compilation of front page reprints of actual African-American published newspapers and poetry.)

She has also contributed to several publications and youth development training materials for the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation. She has worked as a columnist and freelance writer for various publications and websites including the Michigan Front Page Newspaper and is an active member of the Motown Writer’s Network where she is the host of her own show, “Marketing and Motivation Mondays with Monica Marie Jones” on the Michigan Literary Network Radio.

Monica is a youth development expert that does training and consultation for the Center for Youth Program Quality (a joint venture of the Forum for Youth Investment and The High/Scope Educational Research Foundation.) She is a professionally trained dancer and dance instructor that has danced with Gospel recording artists such as Dorinda Clark-Cole, in several venues around the United States, and a three-city tour in Japan with Kierra ‘Ki-Ki’ Sheard.

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28 thoughts on “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Monica Marie Jones, author of SWAG”

  1. Hi Joey/Monica: I have read the first installment of Monica’s series (Floss) and can’t wait to get my hands on Swag! Monica’s writings are so real. When I read the UPs & Downs, I could see myself, as well as many of my family/friends in the characters. Monica capabili of adding real experiences and fictional characters equals a reading experience that never grows old. Monica, keep on doing what you are doing. You have an anointing on you & I am blessed to not only be a fan, but a friend. Joey, thank you for allowing individuals like Monica to be showcased. Ciao!

  2. @Monica – Thank you for such an enlightening interview. You’re such an encouraging force in the literary industry.

    @Natalie – Hello. Since you read FLOSS, you know that SWAG is about to be all that and then some!

    At this point, I’m waiting on 9 more commenters before I pick a random winner of SWAG. (Obviously, Monica and I don’t count…)

  3. Wow, I have been wondering what happened to Monica after FLOSS. Now the next installment is SWAG, on a reality show, and lifestyle. This sound intriguing and I might add, I have been working on a novel based on a true story called SHE Swagger….guess since Obama, swag is in!

    I would love to read a copy of this installment. Please let me know it is a stand alone, or do I have to read the first installment to get the second one?

    email: ad-turner@hotmail.com

    1. Hey Adrienna! Swag can definitely stand alone, but a few of the characters from FLOSS, such as the main character and vixen that the male readers loved and the female readers loved to hate, Dionysus! I have FLOSS on my website for a discounted rate (http://www.monicamariejones.com) and the eBook is only a few bucks so download it to your computer, iPod, or iPhone if you feel compelled to read it first.

      Thank you for leaving a comment and good luck!


  4. This interview inspired me and encouraged me to keep writing!!!

    I pray Monica’s Success and I think that SWAG is going to be mind provoking…


    Lisa Fikes

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I am so glad to hear that you were inspired and encouraged because at the end of the day that is why I write, so thank you for helping me to fulfill my purpose. 🙂


  5. This interview was awesome Joey!! Thanks for introducing me to Monica Marie Jones. I must admit that I have just become a new fan. I am going to have to go back and read the first book in the Floss series to catch up. I happen to love books in series. Its so amazing how beautifully, creative things can blossom from a dream!! I am an aspiring author and this interview was just the confirmation that I needed to keep on writing. Sometimes, I wonder if I can write anything that will stand out among so many talented authors. But, my granny always says that, “Nothing beats a failure but a try”!! Thanks again!!

  6. Hi Unika!(I love the/your name by the way)

    Write that book girl! If for no other reason than the utter joy and fulfillment that it brings. Someone, even if it’s just one, needs to read your story so stop depriving that person…or that population. You can do it! Thank you for commenting 🙂

    wow…and thanks for inspiring me to write what I just wrote above. I’m going to use it as a quote to inspire others 🙂


  7. Thank you to all of the commenters. And thank you Monica for coming back and answering all the replies.

    Here is the list of people who are in the running for the free copy of SWAG.

    1) Natalie Williams
    2) LatinTemptress
    3) Adrienna Turner
    4) Lisa Fikes
    5) Pamela Rice
    6) Unika Howell-Molden
    7) ???
    8) ???
    9) ???
    10) ???

  8. I am really excited to read this book. and I want to say congrats on the success. i listen to your show every other monday and love the marketing on the budget which I use for my own business. thanks again!

  9. As a writer and a voracious reader, I wholeheartedly support Ms. Jones’ endeavors. I read “The Ups & Downs” and “Floss”. Her writing flows and keeps you in the moment. I was able to quickly identify and connect with the characters and became invested in how their stories turned out. I look forward to reading SWAG and have a feeling that this is the big one. Ms Jones —- YOU GO GIRL!

  10. i would love to read mmj’s new book swag. I watch reality tv all the time and its about time for somebody to make a novel in that setting. keep up with the good ideas Monica!!

  11. Here is the list of people who are in the running for the free copy of SWAG.

    1) Natalie Williams
    2) LatinTemptress
    3) Adrienna Turner
    4) Lisa Fikes
    5) Pamela Rice
    6) Unika Howell-Molden
    7) Linda Chavis
    8) Tony Bradford
    9) Bree Glenn
    10) K.S. Young

    I’m going to do a random drawing to find out who is the winner.

  12. Its nice to hear an author say they appreciate the feed back from readers and book club. I know when I do reviews I try if I dislike something in the book to give my honest thought on why I dislike and what would have improved book for me!!!

  13. Wonderful Interview Monica. I enjoyed Swag and The Ups and Downs of Being Round. Happy to follow your literary career. You are always so inspiring.

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