5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Polo AKA The Fur King, creator of The Convertible Ugg Boot

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Polo AKA The Fur King, Creator of The Interchangeable Ugg Boot

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration for the concept for The Interchangeable Fur Ugg Boot?

Polo AKA The Fur King: It was just like a dream. I’m a designer who does customer pieces. I always say I’m different. I’m number one with none to come.

Everybody from New York to New Jersey has these boots, but nobody knows how to take this to another level. Since I wasn’t scared and had the power to do it, I did it.

That’s when it hit me like, “Yo, if you can make the fur detachable, it will make history. Whether people like them or not, that’s exactly what happened.

JP: Why did you choose Uggs the flesh out this concept?

Polo: This boot is the hottest out on the market right now. This is a rugged style boot. I could have used any boot, but Ugg was the most rugged. I have the precision and style to make this boot what it is. I saw what it was missing and went full-fledge diligent with it to make it what it needed to be.

JP: What has been the response to The Interchangeable Fur Ugg Boot?

Polo: Oh man, it’s been a remarkable response. Of course, there has been some hating because it was me. If I was a rapper or this was a movie or something, it would have been OK. Because it was me and I didn’t see anybody with this and I came up with the idea myself… You know, people sometimes tend to hate in their own way. But I’m so cool with that.

JP: How do you plan to expand upon the concept of The Interchangeable Fur Ugg Boot to push its boundaries even further?

Polo: I mean, Joey, I’m going in and so is my team. Like I said before, I’m a great leader and I feel I got good people who follow. So with that being said, they support me to the fullest just like I support them. People like yourself that grant me this interview to make me expand even more. So, I definitely thank you as well, Sir.

JP: How is The Interchangeable Ugg Boot groundbreaking in terms of the history of foot wear to date?

Polo: Great question, Joey. It was groundbreaking for one because this has never been done in the history of fashion. Two, I’m the first to ever to it, Polo AKA The Fur King AKA P. Diddit. It’s history because, three, I didn’t steal this idea from anybody. Four, as of right now I’m the only on in the whole entire world with this boot. And 5, who would have ever thought about the blueprint to this convertible, detachable fur for this boot right here.

I mean, let’s just be honest with ourselves. This particular boot right here for men has been out for about three to four years. I was rocking this boot when other people didn’t even know they made this boot. And to this day, a lot of people in the world still don’t even know that they make Ugg Boots for men. That’s crazy to me.

I’ll say this: Some people buy fashion, some people talk fashion, some people wear fashion. The difference between me and all that I just said is that I do all of the above. That’s what puts me ahead of the rest. I feel fashion is what you make it. Just make the best of yours.

Special thanks Andy of Handsome Hustler, to my girl Ms. Fallon Seaborn, Kevin Forest, Lucy Diamond, First Lady KD, Miss Chelle 206, my manager Chase Million, celebrity journalist KT, Jerry Madison, celebrity photographer Felix Natal Jr. and Keith and Troy of Boot Mob Records.

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  1. You are a leader in this WORLD. You are going to make it VERRRY FAR!!!!!!!!!! You said something very important you have the team you rock with backs!!!!! Every great leader understands he NEEDS A TEAM!!!!!!!

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