5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… The Pathfinder, author of Fair Game

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
The Pathfinder, author of Fair Game
(Babygirl Publishing)

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Nineteen-year-old Dana Estick flees her privileged lifestyle for the bright lights and big city promises of New York in search of a new beginning and to bury a past filled with physical and sexual violence. What she finds instead is the beginning of a downward spiral filled with recruitment on the internet, drugs, sex for hire, and betrayal at every turn.

Confronted with her own sexuality, trust, friendship, love, remorse, death and her inevitable confrontation with her molester after five long years, Dana’s decision making will expose the readers to her plight and the side of a young woman battling a myriad of inner demons.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Fair Game?

The Pathfinder: The main character Dana was initially one of three characters from a short story I had written several years ago. I was looking through some of my old materials when I picked it up and began reading. There was something about Dana and some of the choices that she made which had a lasting impression on me.

The many risks she took in order to survive displayed a lot of qualities which so many of us wouldn’t dare take. I wanted to show that sometimes when we are confronted with adversity depending on how we approach it, it can make us stronger if we have a plan and stick to it. So I thought, why not give her a voice. Her story was compelling. Her character had a lot of potential for growth.

Once I began writing I couldn’t stop. I can’t explain to you how that felt but it was a wonderful feeling. I also wanted to highlight the fact that sexual abuse is something that some of us do not like to talk about, especially when the perpetrator is a family member.

The hurt, pain, shame and guilt that come with this stigma have ruined many young lives. However, I wanted to not only highlight the mind set of the victim but the perpetrator as well. Dana’s journey is one that I felt needed to be heard, but I wanted to do it with an urban twist.

JP: What sets Fair Game apart from other novels that feature a “good girl gone bad”?

TP: She wasn’t complacent in her “good girl gone bad” situation. She understood that it would take some time before she could ever become the person she was before the abuse. Most “good girls gone bad” aren’t from a prominent family where both parents are well educated and a staple within the community. Most urban fiction books that I have read the main characters are from low income backgrounds and uneducated.

I wanted to take the genre in a different direction. I wanted to bring both worlds together and see how it would play out. Moreover, I wanted the readers get their monies worth. This is not a novel that glorifies any of the situations and circumstances that Dana experienced, but the novel is a means by which numerous lessons can be learned.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to Fair Game getting out to the public?

TP: Marketing, word of mouth, talking to people and going to places and putting up with situations that you wouldn’t normally put up with. It’s about getting on the grind twenty-four eight.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Fair Game?

TP: First, I decide on who my main character is, and then I go from there. Every other character or characters are given life depending on where my main character takes me.

I always allow my main character to dictate each sentence, paragraph and page based on what the other characters bring to the table. Honestly, I completed Fair Game in a month, maybe that was an aberration. I don’t know but I wrote every day for a month.

JP: What’s next for The Pathfinder?

TP: Well, my latest release Deadly Consequences will be out later this year. I recently completed the sequel to Fair Game entitled False Pretense. I also have three completed manuscripts, A Rainy Affair, Cruel Shame and City of No Return.

I self-published Fair Game, and I guess I will do the same for Deadly Consequences. Hopefully, the readers will love my work as I continue to grow. I see great things ahead in 2009 and beyond. My faith and belief in God are what keeps me going.


I can be contacted at (718) 724-3766 and babygpub@aol.com

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15 thoughts on “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… The Pathfinder, author of Fair Game”

  1. This book sounds like a really good read. I really enjoyed the passion that The Pathfinder has for his work. Keep up the great work!

    1. Josie, thanks for the support! I’ll continue to pursue my craft with the relentless passion that anyone who wants to succeed should have. Thanks a million!

  2. I have read this book and it was an excellent read. the book placed you, the reader in the middle of it. Each page you read makes you want to see what happens on the next page. The book is also a fast read. there are no boring over detailed parts in this book. this book will make you laugh and cry and you will be so surprised at so many things in the book. You will think you’re part of the story.. I absolutely LOVED this book. My 15 yr old neice read this book and she loved it. She also read it in a day and a half.. i would recommend this book to anyone, even mid to late teenagers because it sends a message to them telling them they can overcome anything once they put their hearts and mind into it just like Dana the main character did.

    1. Dimples, thanks for not only reading the book but commenting on it also. It’s always a pleasure and a delight to bring characters to life that you and others can enjoy and relate to. I thank you and your niece. And for suggesting that mid to late teenagers can read my work and can also relate to the messages and choices that Dana,took to find herself. Thanks.

  3. Got my copy of Fairgame and what an incredible write. From the moment you open the book you are drawn in by the unique style in the way he writes to the way he connects you to the characters. I found the story quite compelling and truly a great read. I recommend this book to EVERYONE and will look forward to reading more from this author. Keep up the good work Pathfinder and “Continue to Greatness!”

    1. Thank you so much Dena, you have been a source of inspiration and as I continue to hone my craft I will continue on that part of greatness that you have so constantly remind me of. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to comment on my interview.

  4. I read a lot of books and your book was off the chain. Keep up the good work and do what you do best.

    1. Thank you very much Joy, and be on the lookout for the sequel. Hopefully, you’ll pick up a copy and it will be just as good as part one.

  5. I love to see the amount of love and respect you are getting, Karl. This is absolutely amazing. Plus, thank you to each and every one of you who have taken the time to comment on such a great book by a authentic author.

    1. Joey, thank you for doing the interview. What you are doing is wonderful bro, because you are giving a lot of brothers and sisters a voice to express themselves where normally they wouldn’t have a voice. The main stream media often times tend to neglect “us”, so I applaud what you are doing. We all bring a different perspective as writers and by you showcasing the hard work we put into our craft, and what it takes as writers to garner a readership is inspiring and worthwhile. Kudos to you my brother!

  6. I truly appreciate your recognition. You’re right, many times we have to write a certain way to get a publishing deal and we still don’t get the budget or the promotion we need. Then we don’t get respected properly for the courage and determination that it takes to self-publish and self-promote.

    And this is not just a “black” thing. I love seeing books like this getting some well-deserved shine.

  7. The Pathfinders work is off the chain. He is an up and coming star in the literary business. I’m not saying that because I know him well, I’m saying that because it’s the truth. Check out his book “Fair Game” and the comments his readers, fans and other author’s wrote about his work; then you will fully understand what ‘m saying. Keep the pen to paper, Karl because this business need good stories like yours that set you apart from the rest.

    1. Thanks for the love Brooklen! I know your comments are genuine especially coming from you. Man, I’m just trying to share with the readers a different perspective one that’s fun, enjoyable, rewarding, reality based,and gives options and choices which can make the difference in how one looks at life and their daily surroundings, you know what I’m saying? So once again I say thanks my brother!

  8. I can’t wait to read this, sounds like a fresh and honest examination of inner struggle.
    Wish you much success.

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