’s Interview with Archie Caswell featured on The Jane Nicastro-Disch Daily (

I promote the most current author interviews on my twitter profile (@joeypinkney) almost every half hour to currently 8,811 followers. That means authors and their books get noticed by a wide variety of people and businesses.

When on of my followers on twitters mentions on of my author interview on their timeline, that’s even more exposure for the author, the book and my author interview series.

This is a perfect example of the added benefit of being featured on the’s 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Author Interview Series. My interview with Archie Caswell was picked up in the Arts and Entertainment section of The Jane Nicastro-Disch Daily.

This spreads put that particular interview in front of an extra group of people who may have never came across Caswell’s book The Evolution of a Nympho otherwise.

(Sidenote: A random picture I posted was also featured in the Photos section. I can’t help my sense of humor sometimes…)

Who is Jane Nicastro-Disch aka @NJEstate3? From her twitter bio:

NJ Estates Real Estate Group, Weichert Realtors, All Your Real Estate Needs From Luxury New Homes, Green Building, Land Development, To Commercial.
What is From their homepage: organizes links shared on Twitter and Facebook into an easy to read newspaper-style format. A great way to discover content that matters to you – even if you are not connected 24/7!

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