National Reading Month With… Barbara Grovner, author of We Belong Together

barbara grovner we belong together

Barbara Grovner, Author of We Belong Together: Even as a young child books always intrigued me. I would become so totally engrossed in the stories I read, which allowed me to fantasize and dream of the impossible. I remember when a friend of my mother’s gave us a collection of the Bobbsey Twins and a series of Nancy Drew mystery books. I was in heaven. I read those books until very late on school nights when I should have been sleeping. I continue to read like that, and at times I read two or three books at a time.

My newest novel We Belong Together is a who-done-it type of mystery. I love reading James Patterson mysteries and watching television shows like Law & Order or CSI. These types of shows are hot, and I believe We Belong Together is just as hot as well. The story is about the murder of a young nurse in Boston. The characters are colorful, and the dialog is exciting and suspenseful. I plan to do a series and have begun the second in the series, which I hope to have released next year. You can pick up a copy at a bookstore near you, or you can purchase a copy from and

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