How To Determine Your Skin Type

Your skin type plays a major role in how acne affects you. Your skin type also determines what products and technique are best in getting rid of your acne and helping your maintain your healthy skin.

You need to ask these questions when determining your skin type:

* How often do you break out?
* Do you have blackheads?
* What do your pores look like?
* After washing with soap, how does your skin look and feel?
* Do you have facial lines?

By asking yourself these questions, you can determine what types of products will work best for you and how your skin might react to them.

There are three basic skin types: oily, normal, and dry. Your skin can be a combination of any of them. You could have any one of these skin types, or a combination of them, such as normal to oily, or normal to dry. As you can imagine, there are different products for caring for each.

Let’s break it down. Each skin type is characterized by different things such as texture, oil production, and frequency of breakouts.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you do not suffer many breakouts. You rarely ever have blackheads. Why? Because breakouts are caused by oil clogging your pores and forming blackhead, whiteheads and pimples. Dry skin means low to no oil production which means fewer breakouts.

Dry skin is also characterized by nearly visible pores, and may feel dry and tight after washing. Most people with dry skin are fair skinned, and often develop facial lines earlier in life. This skin type also burns easily.

Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, you will suffer from the occasional breakout. Your blackheads will appear mostly in the “t-zone” – the area on either side of the nose and on the forehead. Pores often appear visible in the t-zone. Your skin may feel tight after washing, but will soon become comfortable when you moisturize it.

Your skin coloring is usually fair to medium. A few lines may appear early on mostly around your eyes. This skin type when exposed to the sun, usually burns, then tans.

Oily Skin

If your skin type is oily, you suffer from frequent breakouts with blackheads and pimples. Your pores are often enlarged. After washing, your face may be oily, with your nose and forehead quickly becoming shiny.

Your skin coloring is often olive to dark. Facial lines are usually very few to none in occurrence. Oily skin usually stays preserved longer and does not age as quickly as do the other skin types. When exposed to the sun, your skin type rarely burns, but rather tans easily.

By determining your skin type, you are able to make better decisions on what products to use to battle acne. There are also products on the market that deal with combination skin types. If you have problem areas on your face, neck, chest and back, then you may need to buy a specific product for that area or a combination product that will take care of that area. Once you find a regimen of products that are geared towards your skin type(s), then your path to acne relief will become and easier one.

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