Natural Remedy: Water Cures Acne

You are well aware that there are a thousand and one products designed to “treat” acne. You have all of those over-the-counter cleansers, creams, and medicated pads. Then you got the prescribed medications given to you by a dermatologist. Natural remedies have become increasingly popular treating many common conditions, and acne is no exception.

This article will focus on one of the most common natural remedy and why it is preferred. It may even surprise you.

The best natural remedies for treating acne is water. Water hydrates the body, and in turn, hydrates the skin as well. Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the human body? It stands to reason that the skin must be properly hydrated to work correctly and serve its purpose. You do this two ways. By washing your face, you hydrate the surface of the skin. By drinking water, you hydrate the entire body from the inside out. This, of course, includes your skin. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Healthy skin cells promote a healthy body.

I know you’ve heard it before: we should drink six to eight eight-ounce glasses of water a day. This sounds like a lot of water, but think of what it can do for your body. In addition to improving skin tone and texture, it can stimulate cell growth and will help all your organs work correctly, not just your skin. It also helps filter out unwanted substances that can be harmful to your skin.

Water is also a crucial component deep within your skin. It provides the basis for a soft, smooth, and healthy complexion and will help you look more youthful. Though very little water is stored in the outer layers of your skin, this moisture is important and is constantly removed by outside elements such as sun and wind.

Sun and wind can dry your skin, removing moisture and irritating its surface. When this occurs, pre-existing acne can become even more irritated, which in turn prolongs the problem. While irritation won’t directly cause more acne to form, it can worsen the problem. It is important to keep proper moisture in the skin.

Perhaps one of the most common myths is that oily skin does not need moisture. This is not true. Just because skin is oily, does not mean it is moisturized. By cleansing the skin, you are wiping away excess oil, and my moisturizing it, you are helping it remain smooth and decreasing your chances for irritation.

Properly hydrating the skin not only promotes and stimulates cell growth, but also helps the other organs of the bodywork together. If properly hydrated, the skin will not wrinkle or sag as easily, and will appear youthful for a longer period of time.

Though water is not the only natural remedy for the skin, it is the most important. Without it, the skin could not do its job in keeping the rest of the body in check.

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