Book Review – You Have Permission to Succeed by Edwin Haynes Book Review
“You Have Permission to Succeed”
Edwin Haynes
5 out of 5 stars


Edwin Haynes’ “You Have Permission to Succeed” offers solid advice in a concise package. There is no filler. There are no wild and zany ideas to conceptualize. Haynes brings laws of Christianity, economics and common sense together to explain the foundation of his second rise to multi-millionaire status.

Did you catch that? Haynes went from poor (by birth) to rich (by music industry) to poor (by circumstance) to rich again (on purpose). From the looks of it, he’s figured out how to ride out the rest of his years building his wealth instead of letting it be squandered. What does that mean for the casual reader or, better yet, the reader who is looking to become more economically stable? “You Have Permission to Succeed” gives you strategies that can be used to positively change your life status.

Most of the topics Haynes covers in this book are not groundbreaking, and they don’t need to be. Each chapter makes sense in relation to the others which makes it easier to get “the bigger picture”. As you breeze through the short but intense chapters, you sense that Haynes’ true motivation is to share his knowledge as opposed to profit from it. Instead of plugging his products every other sentence, he shares the titles of some of the books from his personal library in the “Works Cited” and “Suggested Reading” sections – at the end of this book.

“You Have Permission to Succeed” by Edwin Haynes is “the water” in the idiom “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. This book is a great starting point and reference guide. The true strength of this book lies in your desire and ability to personalize the words within and take action. That makes the title of this book and the Bible scripture from which the title is derived all the more relevant. If you’re looking for a little guidance on your path to self-sufficiency, this book may be worth checking out.

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