“Escape from a Nightmare” and “Secret Sky” by Stephanie Acon

About the ultimate urban thriller “Escape from a Nightmare“:

Have you ever experienced a premonition that you just couldn’t shake? A foreboding dream or sign that you deeply wanted to ignore but…your spirit just wouldn’t release it?

Meet Gabriana Hilson… Gabriana is a dreamer in more ways than one. She has daydreams of living the good life without compromise. Then, there are the very strange and disturbing omens that come while sleeping. These nightmares whisper conflict and arrange messages that Gabriana doesn’t want to hear…or see.

The most disturbing nightmares are the ones about her boyfriend. To Gabriana, Scholar is the king of kings. She is willing to sacrifice it all for him, including family, friends, God, and her sanity. After signing a record deal as a rapper, Scholar brings Gabriana along for the roller coaster ride of her life. He uses his manipulative tactics to hold her in place.

Things go horribly wrong. A well-planned dream quickly turns into the nightmare of all nightmares. Both Scholar and Gabriana learn the hard way to expect the unexpected – for he comes out of the blue. Or does he? He is extremely calculating…and his name is Khali Simone.

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About the highly anticipated “Secret Sky: Escape from a Nightmare 2“:

Perhaps it was the discovery of a hidden message written within the pages of a forbidden notebook. Perhaps it was just too soon to move on from the past.

Whatever the true cause, something had definitely snapped in the mind of Gabriana Hilson that caused her to flee, leaving Khali Simone alone at the alter on their wedding day. Many were left baffled and speculating for over a year. Except for the abandoned BMW left on the airport’s parking lot, there were no real leads as to the whereabouts of the runaway bride. She’d simply vanished or flown away for no apparent reason, or so it seemed…

In reality, there’s always a truth, a beginning and an ending to everything. Gabriana thought she’d escaped her nightmares, until deja vu strikes. Then suddenly, she finds herself haunted at night, once again, but this time unlike no other. Reoccuring dreams are drawing her to a secret place – a place of answers.

One night, she creeps from her bed and follows her intuition. Gabriana is forced to pack up everything immediately – including her most prized possession – and head back to the place and the very person she’d ran from: Khali Simone.

About the author, Stephanie Acon:

Stephanie Acon has been writing edgy fiction tales and poetry since the age of ten. At the age of 21, she found Hip-Hop – or Hip-Hop found her. Known to the underground Hip-Hop world as NinaRaw, for ten years consistent she rocked with force and played a vital role with Systematic Muzick Inc. (‘The OESC’ and ‘The Murc Unit’).

Every rhyme written heeded life, packed with something so intense it could only be categorized as royal. The method behind her voice and presence, was meant to be a lit candle amongst a lost generation, her generation. Knowing that their influential genre of music could sometimes get so dark that listeners slumbered, she wanted to AWAKE them.

Ultimately, her goals are to author and publish a series of books under her own brand, logo and collection ‘BGC’…or ‘Black Girl Crossed’. Her novels are full with twist-and-turns and display a generational authenticity and appeal that will definitely captivate Acon’s target demographic of young-adult, adult, inspirational, hip-hop, and pop audience line. For Stephanie ‘Nina’ Acon, her books and writings are what music wasn’t: compromise free.

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