Book Review: Biker Club by Kenny Blue Book Review
Biker Club
by Kenny Blue
4 out of 5 Stars

Kenny Blue narrates Biker Club with a style that is descriptive and full of symbolism. His use of metaphors and other literary effects fit in perfectly with the scenes he constructs in this book. Beneath the surface, Blue digs deep into the culture of Motorcycle Clubs. However, this novel is accessible to any reader looking for a great story in which to sink.

If you are not familiar with the lifestyle, Biker Club will place you right in the middle of the daily excitement, drama and relationships that are unique to this culture. Biker Club is more than a book about people who ride crotch rockets. Blue has pulled together a rich cast of characters, each with their own set of realistic set of problems. The characters all have an interesting and complex stories that unravels as the novel progresses.

Alexis “Jazzy” Preston is a nurse from the small town of Ninety-Six, GA. Jazzy is trying to mature and take advantage of her career opportunities as a nurse by leaving behind Ninety-Six, GA, for the metropolis of Atlanta. Jazzy’s chauvinistic ex-fiancée, Paul Roberts, plans on doing one thing: bringing Jazzy back to Ninety-Six, dead or alive it seems. With Jazzy’s parents on Paul’s side, he will stop at nothing to put Jazzy in her place no matter how much force he has to employ.

Jazzy’s fiesty cousin, Carla “Pinky” Matthews, lives in Atlanta. Pinky is working to gaining full custody of her young twins from her ex-husband, Derrick, and his trophy wife, Rachelle. Pinky is a member on Divas on Steel Motorcycle Club, and invites Jazzy to a party where many different biker clubs are going to be. In going, Jazzy finds herself running away from one man into the arms of another: Strap.

Michael “Strap” Smith, an ATL police officer, is a member of The Cold Riders Motorcycle Club. Known to be a ladies man, he finds love at first sight when he comes across Jazzy at the party. Slowly, but surely, he finds himself struggling to balance his relationship with Jazzy with being a unintentional component in a criminal enterprise with Tango, his friend who is also an ATL police officer and member of The Cold Riders. Working security at a night club for extra cash, Strap finds himself in the middle of an investigation with the club owner, a local rap group and a notorious drug ring on the verge of using their money to blow up in the music industry.

There is a lot going on in Biker Club, which makes it a longer book. I appreciate the novel’s length because the execution is unrushed and the plot developments made sense. At times, situations are a little too predictable and too comfortable. There were times where I did not want the book to follow a natural progression. All-in-all, I was thoroughly invested in all of the characters and satisfied with the way their stories came to a close.

Blue is a very talented writer, able to weave the intricacies of human relationships with rich plot twists and story developments. This gives Biker Club a comfortable feel. The narrator’s voice is poetic and the characters’ dialogue is realistic. This is a direct product of mixing a dedicated writer and a thorough editor.

Any reader looking for a complete novel with multiple storylines and fully developed characters will find a satisfying journey in Biker’s Club. Although there were many situations and plot twists intertwined this novel, everything is coherent. Far from predictable, this comfortable read will give you your money’s worth.

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6 thoughts on “ Book Review: Biker Club by Kenny Blue”

  1. Although I’m not a fan of Motorcycle Clubs, the interview is very interesting. It makes me want to actually check out the novel. Dude, I’ve got to give it you. You have pulled out some of the most important part of the book to catch our attention, at least mine. Good job, bro!

  2. Great review. I also would not normally be interested in a motorcycle club but am inclined to want to check this out with this thorough review. Thanks Joey!

  3. I enjoyed the review, I have a brother that is in a bike club, but really don’t know much about them. But this review is intriguing and I like a book that has more then one storyline, so hopefully I will get to buy it soon. Great Job Joey!

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