Book Review: The Preacher’s Daughter by Kendra Dunn Book Review
The Preacher’s Daughter
by Kendra Dunn
(La’ Femme Fatale’ Productions)
4 out of 5 Stars

Guest Book Reviewer: Marchieta Taylor

The Preacher’s Daughter is an Urban Fiction novel that explores Heaven and Hell from a hood perspective. Shar is the preacher’s daughter and neighborhood beauty that Slay has kept his eyes on since she was twelve. Now at the perfect age of eighteen, the much older Slay feels like Shar is prime for the picking.

He has everything any naive girl could imagine: money, hood fame and swagger. Shar realizes early on that she is not built for the transition from Heaven to Hell. Blinded by love and determination to be Slay’s main chick, she enters into a world with no easy way out.

The Preacher’s Daughter does not delve into the dynamics of Shar’s home life. I believe the book would have a greater impact if the reader was allowed to see more of her family life up until eighteen. This way the reader could have benefited from a turning point that leads to her rebellious behavior. The author’s only indication of her father’s opinion was briefly glossed over within the beginning chapters.

The subject of church was virtually non-existent with only passing thoughts reflecting back on Shar’s home life. Even with the reflections in the novel, Shar never spoke in a tone that would lead the reader to think she was unhappy with her upbringing.

Despite building my interest in reading about “the preacher’s daughter”, the overall message of the book was not lost. The message seems to be that growing up sheltered did not prepare Shar for the choices she made once she became an adult. The book could have very well been titled The Doctor’s Daughter.

Overall, I would definitely recommend The Preacher’s Daughter due to its quick paced storyline. The disappointment from the title does not detract from author’s ability to engage the reader from start to finish.

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  1. umm.. i would really just like to know if their is a second part to this and is this a somewhat urban tale and would i enjoy it before i buy it. umm.. its not predictable is it?

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