Book Review – “It Is Well” by Y. Sharre DaCosta Book Review
“It Is Well”
by Y. Sharre DaCosta
4 of 5 Stars


Y. Sharre DaCosta is a woman whose testimony of a modern-day miracle that has been captured in her book “It Is Well”.

As Y. Sharre DaCosta shares the tragedy of her second birth, she sets the reader up for the sweetest victory with God being at the helm of a true miracle. Her son, Stephen, was born with gastrointestinal problems that left no room for survival in the eyes of the doctor that delivered him. DaCosta met that challenge with an unfaltering faith, an activation of Scripture, a group of true prayer warriors, and God.

With doubts and crazy looks coming from everyone but a chosen few, DaCosta let go of her own carnality and began taking the long, testing path of seeing God’s blessings manifesting themselves on this physical plane. “It Is Well” shows the power of faith over self-doubting behaviors. This books shows what can be achieved and seen when we step beyond what the non-believers express to us.

DaCosta was not without doubts, fears and questions. Doing what needed to be done to make sure Stephen survived and received the healing that was his destiny strained her every other aspect of DaCosta’s life. Her older daughter, her job, her marriage, her personal life all took a necessary backseat to her primary mission: making her Stephen lived a full, healthy life. Her key to continue was love: love of Stephen and love for God’s way.

What I liked about “It Is Well!”:

DaCosta shares a lot of her personal story, as expected. She does so in a way that shows how human she is. If you’ve gone through struggle, you will understand the obstacles she faced – both internal and external. As “It Is Well” progresses, you get to see how persistence and determination gave a much needed backbone to a faith that was strengthened by a focused devotion.

Another thing that you will be able to take away from “It Is Well” is the bible verses that DaCosta used to not only align her faith in God but also to promote the physical healing in her son. These are great starting points if you are in need of a spiritual solution to a physical situation.

What I didn’t like about “It Is Well”:

“It Is Well” is very detailed. Sometimes, the minutiae of DaCosta’s daily routine smothered the story of redemption and triumph. This made reading certain sections laborious, especially if DaCosta covered something very similar in a previous passage of the book.

There were a few times during “It Is Well” that DaCosta’s celebrated of the blessing bestowed upon her by God in a way that struck me as boisterous or openly discourteous towards others. I am sure that was not DaCosta’s intention, directly or indirectly.

In conclusion:

Not only is “It Is Well” a great story with an absolutely happy ending, this book is a journey taken by a mother to seek healing for her son against all odds. If you are inspired by real testimonies, then you will be in for a great read in “It Is Well” by Y. Sharre DaCosta.

Y. Sharre DaCosta is a dynamic and captivating motivational speaker that brings a message of tenacious faith, hope, healing and restoration. To contact Y. Sharre DaCosta for speaking events, please email her at

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  1. I am sure to get this book, I can relate to this a lot my son who is now 43 had a GI problem when born also, so I know your struggle he was operated on about 6 times during that time…..and my ex-husband , his father and I divorced right after that time period

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