Book Review: XXXPleasures: Seductive Bliss by Chris Mainor Book Revew
XXXPleasures: Seductive Bliss
by Chris Mainor
3 of 5 Stars

Visualize the vignettes from a man with a mind for the sensual. Chris Mainor’s XXXPleasures: Seductive Bliss is a book full of scenarios where sex and seduction are the two main ingredients. If this book was a movie, the first three letters of the book’s title lets you know which rating it would be given by the Motion Picture Association of America.

XXXPleasures: Seductive Bliss’ cover sets the tone appropriately – a naked couple locked in a passionate embrace. That lets you know what you are in for before embarking on the book’s journey. And just to keep that visual motif rolling, more sensual pictures that rev the imagination are interspersed between the chapters.

Before reading this book, you need to grab a few items: an oscillating fan, a chilled bottle of your favorite wine (even if you don’t drink), chocolate covered strawberries, your favorite love song playlist on repeat and a warm towel.

This is a book that can appeal to a few different people. As stated before, readers of erotica will be in tune with the flow. Men who are looking to add to their romantic repertoire can benefit from running through the selections. Women who know they want more action and satisfaction but are not sure what may turn them on can get some ideas to get the juices flowing.

Mainor, as the narrator, guides you through situations that are sometime sensual and other times downright nasty! But variety is the spice of life right? Variety is what he gives you. But don’t think you’re going to lie you on your imaginary back and get rocked to sleep. No, my dear reader. Mainor makes you an active participant as the narrator gives and receives to his female co-pilot.

Many of the characters are anonymous. I think anonymity makes it easier for a female reader to sink into the scenarios as the narrator plays the male. Rick, our favorite “delivery man”, makes cameo appearances in back-to-back stories. He gives a new friend a double dose of delight. Most of the other stories are encounters between a man and a woman seemingly in a relationship.

I think the chapters in this book can be better executed in third person. I say this because third person tends allow the reader to be a voyeur. And what better way to be a voyeur than to read erotica? As it stands, the narrator is a male speaking directly to the reader who is a female. This book can inadvertently alienate heterosexual male readers . They have to get past the visualization that comes with reading the words “you” and “yours”. For example, if the narrator says something like “I slowly find my way to your sweet spot and you sigh in pleasure”, a male reader that is sexually attracted to women might think twice about reading further or suggest this book to his friends.

XXXPleasures: Seductive Bliss can benefit from a thorough edit. The thoughts and twists are sometimes slowed down by the lack of punctuation to control the flow. Sometimes the narrator gets thrown into the mix, accidentally I’m sure,  when it goes from second person to first person mid-sentence. It makes for a jarring reading experience. It’s the classic case of not reading words the way we listen to words. I must also add in that I read a Kindle version of this book, and that the formatting process is notorious for throwing in errors here and there.

Chris Mainor’s XXXPleasures: Seductive Bliss is a solid effort that can be tightened up with editing and maybe even beta readers. The scenarios are rich and lavish, down to the pre- and post-coitus meals. If you like first/second person erotica, this is a must read. Although reading erotica is not gender specific, XXXPleasures: Seductive Bliss is strong enough for a man, yet Ph-balanced for a woman to read.

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