National Reading Month With… Latoya S. Watkins, author of In Love With Losers

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LaToya S. Watkins, author of In Love with Losers: My first preschool teacher is who planted the seed for my love of reading. My parents never had to push me to participate in reading programs in school after that teacher cracked open Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak on my first day of school. When my mom picked me up from school and asked about my first day, I told her all about Max’s adventure. My mom encouraged my reading from that day on. From coverless books at garage sales to orders placed at school book fairs, I could count on her to keep a book in my hands. Time and exposure grew that love for reading, and I can never thank my mom enough for encouraging me to read.

My forthcoming novel, In Love with Losers, is a book about some of the joys and pains that come with the evolution of the human spirit. As my characters wrestle with issues that range from what they believe to be love with losers to questioning who the real losers are, you will easily relate to their everyday struggles in success and defeat in relationships and life in general. My book takes the African American novel and embeds crisis and history to create a beauty in reality that can and will be appreciated.

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