National Reading Month With… MG Hardie, author of EveryDay Life

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MG Hardie, author of EveryDay Life: As a youth, I had to read because I didn’t have a television until I was about ten-years old. When I finally got one, it was a black and white piece of [crap], but it worked. I got a color one at fourteen, and it was like Christmas everyday. We lived in a four-walled shack. I never had a room of my own. At night when I heard sirens, all I could do was read. I would get a book and read about all of the magnificent and wonderful places my mind wanted to go. In my reading, I imagined that I traveled further than anyone else. Most of the time my stomach growled louder than my wildest imagining, and reading was my solace, my salvation and my friend.

EveryDay Life is a journey from hopelessness to hope. It is a new kind of literature. It’s a raw, intensely humorous, personal and inspiring look at the journey of a young African-American man who, against the odds and his environment, decides to change his life for the better. It delves into uncharted literary territory and deals with so many relevant issues about life. EveryDay Life is an interactive literary journey that implores readers to read it more than once.

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