Vote for Joey Pinkney’s “Maxine” to win the’s Short Story Kindle Competition


I’ve entered a short, short story entitled “Maxine” to a competition being held by

“Maxine” is about Maxine, her mother Madeline and Maxine’s stepfather Harold. Under 750 words, this piece falls under the categorization of “flash fiction”. Although short in length, “Maxine” is BIG on emotion!

I need you to vote for my story to win the competition. The prize is a Kindle.

Click on the “book cover” to read the story.

Watch the Video Trailer for “Maxine”.

Here are the contest rules from Short Story “Kindle” Competition page:

1) You may vote on one, some or all of the short stories.

2) If you think two are winners, vote “yes” for those two. If you think two should not win, vote “no” for those two.

3) You may vote once per day. That means you can come back everyday for 30 days and vote for your “favorite” to win.


Vote for “Maxine”! And Vote daily!

4 thoughts on “Vote for Joey Pinkney’s “Maxine” to win the’s Short Story Kindle Competition”

  1. Joey,

    So far, I’ve read the first six stories and your story, “Maxine.” Yours is, by far, the best. I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t so. I hope you win this one. Good luck!

  2. Maxine is a long-short journey of how a good writer employs the literary devices of imagery to capture the human condition. Joey Pinkney’s short story transcends dialogue exchange and plot, but rather successfully invited readers to embrace “sensory perception” to experience characterization as real-life experience. What do I mean? Women exhale, people weep, tears have destination, thumbs wipe tears, words culminate. That’s good writing ~

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