Book Review: FeMALE TRAITS by Lurea C McFadden for Bruce Publishing

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FeMALE TRAITS by Lurea C. McFadden

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!”
Sir Walter Scott
from Marmion, Verse 6, Stanza 17

This famous quote is played out in Lurea McFadden’s debut novel, FeMALE TRAITS. Grace Trufant is married to the man most women dream of. Edwin is tall, dark and handsome. He worships the ground Grace walks on and is willing to provide for her every whim and need. Unfortunately for Edwin, he is gullible and Grace has an itch that he can’t scratch…alone.

The cheating-spouse-getting-caught-in-an-extra-marital-affair saga has been told many times before, but FeMALE TRAITS puts an interesting spin on that theme.

Grace is a formidable combination: a seasoned player, a sex addict, a forward-thinking liar…and a female. Grace’s lust for sexual encounters with other men outweighs her conscience, so she stays on the prowl and fabricates lies to stay one step ahead of both her husband and her lover. The once smooth road of infidelity gets bumpy, and Grace finds herself struggling to keep her secret lifestyle from getting the best of her.

Brian Lawson starts pressuring Grace to commit to him and end her six-year marriage to Edwin. Brian is young, handsome and attractive. He even considers himself to be a player and has his pick of women. But he meets his match in Grace and does the one thing all players think will never happen – fall in love. Will he move up in status or move on?

Edwin’s best friend is Sonia James, a Latina sister that truly has Edwin’s best interests at heart. She’s been down since they were in elementary school. To Grace’s dismay, Edwin and Sonia as close as a man and a woman can get without being intimate or married.

Women’s intuition keeps Grace in Sonia’s thoughts. Although she secretly fell in love with Edwin, she remains true to their friendship. Plus, she’s dealing with her inability to commit to Phil, a man who truly loves her but can’t keep her interest.

When mutual friends of Brian and Sonia unknowingly brings everyone together at a birthday/holiday party, everything comes to a head.

Lies are exposed…

Truths come to light…

And relationships are put to the test…

The rest of the story (and there is much, much more)! is yours to read. Enjoy.