Book Review of Sex: How to Get More of It by Jodi Ambrose Book Review
Sex: How to Get More of It
by Jodi Ambrose
5 of 5 Stars

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Man is a simple animal, indeed. Everything that he wants or needs is procured through hunting and gathering. But what about one of the things that he is hardwired to need the most: sex? For sex, the path of least resistance usually intersects with legal issues, to say the least.

Men, how do you get more sex out of the woman you love? Easy: make sure feel loved and comfortable. The challenge for a man becomes being able to do the things a woman needs as opposed to what a man thinks his woman needs. There is a distinct difference.

Enter Jodi Ambrose to the rescue with the open dialogue within Sex: How to Get More of It. It’s not a predator’s handbook on how to snag his latest “conquest”. Instead, it maps out the hows and the whys a man needs to understand in order to learn the nuances of the give and go of compromise with his female companion. This book is essentially the layman’s guide to the psychology of women.

Coming in at a brisk 30 pages, Sex: How to Get More of It is a quick read that is chock full of easy-to-understand information. Ambrose writes in a relaxed voice. She’s not afraid to drop a curse word here or there to spice her witty banter. Don’t let the wit and humor fool you, Ambrose really lets the male reader inside the inner-workings of a successful relationship with women in general.

The format of Sex: How to Get More of It is simple. After an intro to get you ready for the tone and language that will shortly follow, Ambrose gives you “The List”. This syllabus is the guide by which the rest of the handbook is based. Some are common sense, some are sappy and others might make most men cringe. But they all make sense one way or another, and that’s what make this book pure genius. Ambrose says in a few words what a psychologist would need a thesis to discuss.

What did I like about this book? The brevity. The sensibility. For instance, Ambrose lets it be known that there are some instances that it’s ok, and even pertinent, that you lie to keep a level of sanity in the relationship. (Q: “Does this [clothing item] make me look fat?” A: “No.”) I really like Ambrose’s conversational style. If you are easily offended by “adult” language, read Sex: How to Get More of It anyway because of the solid information.

In the genre of relationship books that come off as stuffy and detached, Ambrose brings a flare and panache along with common sense to give a man in need a hand indeed. If you are a man that wants to know a little more about how to “grease the wheel”, so to speak, this is a perfect book to reference now and again. In reading Sex: How to Get More of It, you begin to realize that it’s not about how to gain more sex. Jodi Ambrose points out how to get your woman to feel more comfortable and more secure in your relationship.

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