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Book Review: Animated Objects by Linda D. Addison for Space & Time

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From the poem Writing Magic:

      Some writers choose just a scant few
      to say a lifetime of feelings,
      While other writers
      gather thousands of words in a book
      to paint a few days of one life…

Animated Objects is Linda D. Addison’s debut offering. This is a mesmerizing mixture of poetry and short stories, fables and science fiction, enchanting fantasies and harsh realities. It will take you on a journey and touch you in places long forgotten or never experienced.

What makes this collection such a treasure is that Addison is such a skillful writer. She is able to be true to herself and her art form while turning the reader’s interpretation into participation. Her words can be as gentle as a mother’s hand, as sharp as a razor, as rough as a nail file and as blunt as a hammer.

This book has something for everybody without that being its purpose. A perfect example of the universal appeal of Animated Objects is the inclusion of bits and pieces of her personal journals that encompass twenty-seven years of of hopes, trials and disasters.

Reading those snippets let’s you see that which is usually hidden from the reader. You get to look past the writer as a person and instead get to look at the person as a writer. You get to peer into her world in a way that’s as cryptic as the light of her Night Bird yet as forthcoming as the birth of one child and the miscarriage of another.