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New Book Release – Blood of My Brother II: The Face Off

Release Date: September 15, 2008 (Tour Dates to be announced)
A novel by, Zoe & Yusuf Woods

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Blood of My Brother II_ZoeAndYusufWoods

(click on the picture to buy this book from Amazon)

What will Roc do when he finds out the true identity of Solo? Will the blood shed come from his own brother Lil Mac? Will Roc and Solo take their beef to an explosive height on the street? Find out as Zoe and Yusuf bring the second installment to their hot street joint, Blood of My Brother.

When the streets are calling for blood and the soul of a hustler has been captured; Power, Money, Betrayal, and Revenge will change the lives of many. The saga continues in the rough streets of Philadelphia now that stakes are at a much higher level as the pieces to the puzzle are put together. Roc realizes that the very ones he entrusted are after more then territory, more than money…they want his life!

Blood of My Brother II: The Face Off unfolds into an even deeper war as the fury of Roc will be felt by many. The overwhelming desire to become the next Kingpin has put Solo in a fight for his life and has set the streets of Philly on fire. Witness the dangerous moves that are made to become the greatest and hold the title of the most powerful. Family, friends, enemies…no one is who you think they are!

This story can only be told by someone who has lived it!

Contact: Zoe Woods