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Free Weight Loss Programs – 11 of the Most Popular

If you’re looking at getting more fit and trim, there are an infinite number of bandwagons to jump on. Are you in it for the hot body? Are you just ashamed of what you’re working with presently? Or do you simply prefer to stay in condition and healthy? Whatsoever the case might be, there are fitness programs spread out all over the World Wide Web, in bookstores and in the gymnasiums, health spas and fitness centers all over the world. The bad thing is that a lot of them are so overpriced and time consuming you might just lose weight trying to figure out how to budget the time and funds needed to maintain these fitness programs.

Guess what? You might not have to pour as much of your valuable time and hard earned money into the gymnasium or the health spa or any fitness center in order to acquire that arousing body you want. There are several books available in the bookstore which provide weight loss programs which are handy and free. Of course the books may cost you a bit on the front end, but you are able to easily go to Amazon and get them used for close to nothing.

There are several weight loss programs and dieting plans out there that are gaining immense popularity with tons of promotion, recommendations and reviews. You could lose weight worrying about which one to go with. To make your pursuit of the ideal weight loss program a great deal simpler, take a little time and read these summaries about the best-selling diet programs out currently.

Atkins’ New Diet Revolution by Dr. Atkins.
This famed weight loss program promotes high protein diet and a cut back on the carbs. You are able to feast on veggies and meat but you are advised to slow your intake of bread and pasta. You’re also not limited on your fat intake, so it’s all right to pour on your favorite salad dressing and freely feast on the butter. However, after the dieting, you could find yourself deficient in fiber and calcium while simultaneously high in fat. The intake of grains and fruits are also limited with this celebrated diet.

Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet by Drs. Rachel and Richard Heller. This represents another notable dieting plan that also recommends reduced carbohyrate eating. You can consume your meats, vegetables and fruits, dairy and grain products. However, this diet discourages taking in too much carbs. “Reward” meal can be excessively high on fats and saturated fats.

Choose to Lose by Dr. Goor. This weight loss program limits fat consumption. You are given a “fat” budget and you are given the freedom to spend it however you like. You are not forced to keep an eye on your carbohydrate ingestion. Consuming meat and poultry as well as low-fat dairy and seafoods is okay. You are also encouraged to eat up vegetables, fruits, cereals, bread and pasta. This weight loss plan is reasonably good for you, with beneficial quantities of fruits and vegetables as well as saturated fats. Watch triglyceride levels though; whenever you find that they are too high for your liking, reduce the carbohydrates and tuck away more of the unsaturated fats.

The DASH Diet by Dr. Marla Heller. This diet urges limited amounts of fat and protein consumption and high on carbs. It was primarily fashioned to assist people in lowering their blood pressure, so this may be a good option for you if you suffer from hypertension. The diet plan adopts the pyramid food guide and promotes high intake of wholemeal grains in addition to fruits and vegetables and low-fat dairy. There have been some dieters believe that this diet advocates an immoderate amount of eating to procure significant weight loss. But that’s easy to fix – eat less, exercize more…

Eat More, Weigh Less by Dr. Ornish. This is principally vegetarian in nature and purely low-fat. This diet gives the go signal on what it deems to be “glow” foods but discourages non-fat dairy and egg whites. This diet also restricts intake of foods like seafoods and lean poultry in substitution for leafy green veggies and beans.

Eat Right for Your Type by Dr. D’Adamo. This is an extremely intriguing program because it is based on your blood type. It advocates plenty of meats for people with the blood type O. Diet plans for a few of the different blood types may be nutritionally unbalanced and too low in calories for those that lead a highly active lifestyle. And for the record, there is not any scientific proof that blood type affects dietary needs.

The Pritkin Promise by Dr. Nathan Pritkin. This dieting program is centered on bringing down the calorie density in eating by loading up on watery foods that will make you feel full. Consuming vegetables, fruits, oatmeal, pasta, soups, salads and low-fat dairy is given the go-ahead. It confines your protein sources to lean meat, seafood and poultry. Even though it is healthy by allowing low quantities of saturated fats and rich amounts of vegetables and fruits, it is also low on calcium and limits lean protein sources. This is remedied by consuming more leafy green veggies and beans, which are high in calcium and proteins.

Volumetrics by Dr. Barbara Rolls. This is another dieting plan that advances low-density calorie eating and advocates the same food products as the Pritkin Principle but limits fatty or dry foods like popcorn, pretzels and crackers. This plan is reasonably healthy given the high amounts of fruits and veggies as well as being low in calorie density and saturated fats.

The Zone by Dr. Sears. This dieting plan is somewhat low on the carbs while moderately high on the proteins. It encourages you to eat low-fat protein foods like fish and chicken plus vegetables, fruits and grains. It is also healthy but deficient in grains and calcium.

Weight Watchers. High on carbohydrates and conservative on fats and proteins, this is an extremely healthy diet plan and very adaptable too. It permits you to design your own meals instead of giving you a set of rules to follow.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots. This is a web based diet plan that allows you build your meals around the foods you already are used to eating. Plus, there are no portion restrictions and no calorie limits. This is a proven system that will allow you to reach you weight goals in a healthy manner.

Wanna Lose Weight? Go Herbal to Slim Down Faster!

Nowadays, many overweight people are self-motivated to drop off those extra pounds. Not only will living fit lead them to accepting a healthier lifestyle, but it will also literally lighten their load  and improve their overall wellbeing.

There’s an abundant  list of dieting choices floating through mass media outlets like the news and magazines. There are workout programs, exercise machines, dietary supplements, dietary food and beverages, diet pills – there are even soaps which claim to help you drop off pounds while you take a bath!

Going the herbal route is actually a more viable solution to weight loss.

Herbal weight loss products have been in great demand for those who want to slim down the natural way. Nevertheless, when you take herbal supplements to slenderize, you have to give the results a little bit longer to materialize because of the more subtle, long-lasting effects of medicines which come from plants and natural herbs. It’s kind of like food quality. “Fast food” is just that, fast. But it’s a not as healthy as a home cooked meal. I mean a real home cooked meal prepared from scratch…

Here are the top 5 herbal alternatives you should be aware of:

1.   Herbal Weight Loss products

There a wide variety of herbal weight loss products for sale in grocery stores and health food stores alike. You can also check out the World Wide Web, and you’ll come across a lot of herbal weight loss tablets and products.

Proceed with caution because there are a few products which claim to be risk-free and natural because they’re herbal but actually have side effects not mentioned because of non-extensive research on the outcomes of these products.

Here is a shortlist of 3 herbal ingredients that can be found in many herbal weight loss products. Pay close attention to these ingredients because they can cause way more harm than good if not used properly.

  • Senna. This is an herbal laxative. Senna is an important component in weight loss teas. It operates by stimulating the colon. The downside consequence of this herbaceous plant is dehydration. It can also lead to colon troubles and can become habit-forming. A few people, when dependent, are not able to perform bowel movements without it.
  • Chromium Picolinate. This is a man-made chemical compound found in herbal weight loss products. Chromium is a nutrient which helps govern blood glucose level.  However, this ingredient, when consumed in high doses, may cause impairment in the chromosomes. It can also contribute to dehydration.
  • St. John’s Wort. This supplement increases the output of a certain chemical in the brain. If not utilized the right way, it could cause eye and skin sensitivity, mild gastrointestinal suffering, tiredness and itchiness.

Although many herbal products claim to be harmless and natural, it’s safer to inspect the components and  research about the effects of the product itself before accepting these herbal dietary pills.

2.  Organic Food.

Organic food has found its way to numerous homes and restaurants. Organic food lovers  trust that eating organic delicacies assist their bodies as well as the environment.

A person who purchases organically raised eggs and veggies claim to be healthier, and they’re not spending money on doctors and prescriptions. Organic foods, in effect, keep them more able-bodied and distant from the hospital. This could also be an choice for weight watchers, as organic food is better-known to be more helpful to your weight than chemically-processed foodstuffs.

3. Green Tea.

Studies show that consumption of green tea, or green tea extracts burns off excess calories. Also, green tea with caffeine can increase fat burning by up to 40% thereby reducing fat.

This is one advantageous option for those who would like to slim down. In a study done, people who consumed green tea were found to lose 2 to 3 times more weight than those who didn’t drink green tea.

These results indicate that green tea is a natural product for the handling of obesity. Thus, it also makes for a more wholesome dietary selection, let alone the benevolent effects that it has on the body as likened to caffeine. A cup of tea gives an immediate energy lift without the side effects of caffeine.

3. Caffeine.

Java supplies an energy spike to step-up fat burning. Caffeine also brings about a likelihood to be active, which in turn increases your rate of calorie burn.

4. Immortality Herb

This herb, whose scientific name is Gymnostemna Pentaphyllum, is known to have the following benefits:

  • increases healthy blood flow
  • Scales down artery blocks
  • aids healthy blood pressure
  • increases the rate of fat burning

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

There are pills and food supplements whose main component is apple cider vinegar. Here are the benefits of adopting this herbal alternative:

  • weight loss
  • better cholesterol level
  • better high blood pressure
  • helps forestall rheumatoid arthritis

If you really want a fool proof plan to losing weight and keeping it off, check out Weight Loss 4 Idiots. It’s a no-nonsense way to lose the extra pounds without having to figure how to incorporate low-fat foods, calorie counting, and no carbs.

Weight Loss 4 Idiots will help you lose weight without having to get a PhD in nutrition…and it has my highest recommendation.

How To Use Green Tea, EGCG and Caffeine as a Weight Loss Supplement

To be totally realistic, weight loss supplements do not work miracles. You can’t pop a pill, go to sleep and wake up the next morning slim, trim and ready to go. But all is not lost… Dieticians and weight-loss experts say that the supplements gives a person an extra edge. There are three major weight loss supplements currently being marketing: protein, ephedra and green tea, with green tea being the best overall.

Camellia sinensis is the scientific name for green tea. It’s been harvested in China for thousands of years to help with bouts of depression, indigestion pains and even headaches. Scientists have recently found that green tea can potentially help in the irradication of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty because green tea’s benefits are not limited to its medicinal properties. Green tea is the perfect organic alternative to the other popular weight loss supplements mentioned above.

When American and Swiss scientists at the University of Geneva published their study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they revolutionized the weight loss industry. They concluded that green tea could be used as a weight loss supplements because it contains antioxidants that causes the body to bur more calories. It is a natural conclusion that green tea would be the perfect weight loss supplement.

Green tea weight loss supplements has two main fat burning ingredients: caffeine and the chemical epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These two things work together to increase your body’s metabolism. EGCG also suppresses your appetite by triggering a hormone noradrenaline.

Quick Recap:

Drinking green tea = increasing your metabolism = more fats and calories being burned. Based on the study published in Phytomedicine, a journal on the health benefits of plants, you can look forward to losing roughly two-and-a-half pounds a month by using green tea extract as weight loss supplement.

To get the most out of EGCG, find tablets or capsules that contains ninety milligrams of EGCG and fifty milligrams of caffeine. Take them three times a day before each meal. Even though green tea weight loss supplements have no adverse side-effects, it is still advisable to consult medical advice before taking them.

If you really want to get the most out of your Green Tea experience read below:

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