Street Lit is the new Gangster Rap

You can tell that street lit is a thriving genre when library managers are breaking down what street lit is to each other. I came across this blog post by Libraryland Roundup that pretty much summed up the ins and outs of street lit without being too specific.

I find it interesting that most critics that are not coming from an academic slant only like to point out how bad street lit is: bad grammar, bad characters, bad stories, bad, bad, bad… And this negative criticism isn’t exclusive to “white” people. Even “black” authors take a stab at street lit.

It reminds me of the early 90s when gangsta rap was taking hits left and right. Everybody and their momma wanted to talk bad. The similarity continues with the fact that a lot of street lit, just like gangsta rap back in the day, was about morals, stories true to the times and areas, and how living wrong could lead to your death.

Just like outsiders to gangsta rap, or hip hop in general for that matter, there is something missing in the analysis. There are aspects to the culture of street lit, better yet “the hood”, that can’t be quantified and defined. You just have to live it to know it…