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What better way to start 2010 than with free? is hosting a “ 100 Postcard Giveaway” from now until the end of the year. All you have to do is leave a comment stating how you would use a free set of 100 postcards. A winner will be chosen and emailed a coupon code for the 100 Free Postcards on January 8, 2009. (You will be responsible for paying the shipping and handling.)

Here’s what is included in this giveaway:

  • Count: 100 postcards

  • Size: 4”x6”

  • Paper: 14pt cardstock gloss

  • Printing: full color on both sides

  • Shipping: paid by winner

Leave your creative comments below by December 31, 2009 to participate in this giveaway. (If you can’t find where to leave the comments, click on the title “The 100 Postcard Giveaway on” above and scroll down.)

I, Joey Pinkney, will also receive 100 Postcards from for hosting this giveaway.

33 thoughts on “The 100 Postcard Giveaway on”

      1. Hey,Joey,
        I thought that first comment made it very clear what I would use the cards for and that I definitely planned on winning, when I said I sure hope to see Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia on 100 beautiful UPrinting postcards in the very near future!! (LOL)

  1. How would I use a 100 postcards. I would try to send them to individuals at various charities. Such as a world food program – their recipients, cancer program – their recipients, or the staff of such programs. It may take me a while, but that is what I would like to do with a 100 postcards!

  2. This is great. I will have to check out this site, is it better than VistaPrint or the other competitors. Who would not want to win in 2010!

    I would love to be entered in to win–great gift for 2010 to let my day begin.

    It will be for Desire at Will (new book, 12/2/09) or for Dream Your Reality Book Club would be cool advertising for the new club formulated this month too.


  3. To answer you question Adrienna, I liked the bookmarks that I got from UPrinting because the user interface was easy to navigate. They actually emailed me a proof to print out to see if the cut lines were correct.

    I actually got a call from a representative to see if they needed to help me with anything in getting the order completed.

    In dealing with them for the only order that I’ve done so far, I got a great feeling from the company as a whole.

  4. What a lovely give away. I would personally use the 100 postcards for networking, Both business and pleasure. It’s refreshing to hear that there are companies out there who really care about quality customer service. Sounds like UPrinting goes the extra mile. Which makes them extraordinary, not ordinary!
    Happy Holidays to Everyone….

  5. Hi Joey,

    As a new author, I sure could use these cards to promote my novel, “The Sunday Morning Wife”. You have to spend money buying postcards,banners, etc., to gain exposure. Free would be great right about now! I look forward to receiving my postcards.


    1. Hey Pam. I just want to make it clear to everyone. One person will be chosen to win, unless lets me know something different.

      But you are so right, this would make a great promotional item for authors.

  6. hi Joey ,
    The Cards look really nice I think you should pick me because I want you to pick me! No for real I am the Marketing Director for a Group called TRU and I could really use the Beautiful post Card to further our career!
    I hope you PICK me, I could really use the post cards!
    Thanks for the invite and I look forward to getting my cards!

  7. Recently, I decided to donate books to prisons. When I mailed off the books to some women prisons I’d researched, I was presently surprised to receive a post card back from one of the prisons. The message stated: “We would like to thank you very much for the donation of a book. Urban fiction is frequently requested and your book will make a woman very happy. Peace and solidity,” Chicago Books to Women in Prison. The postcard was homemade and it was signed by women thanking me. It brought tears to my eyes. I’d donate the cards to this prison because they are in need of material of this nature.

  8. Hey Vixen. That’s yet another great idea.

    To everyone who comes across this giveaway: Make sure you tell others. Spread the word. Although only one will win, the more the merrier. Right?

  9. That’s easy. I’d use them in my promo for my brand new series with Harlequin’s Kimani press. Just used for a project at my day job, and was very impressed.

    1. That’s a good idea. I liked the way is set up. It was very easy to use, and they even called to see if everything was alright. Can’t beat professionalism.

  10. This really is a great prize to win. And like someone else said “who wouldn’t want to win in 2010?”

    It’s been said by a few others. However, I would also use the postcards to promote one of the two books I have scheduled for release in 2010. The first being my chapbook “The Emotions of a Real Man” scheduled to be out July 2010 and the second being my follow up novel to my September 2009. “Recovering From A Broken Heart” scheduled to be out December 2010.

  11. Hi Joey,
    I would use the cards to promote my latest book, The Diva’s Dating Assessment Tool: Girl, PLEASE! For every book purchased, Tranquil Moments LLC will donate a book.


  12. What is the pricing like with UPrinting? I just want to compare since I usually get my business cards through Vista Print. Maybe UPrinting has some sort of advantage over Vista Print. I just have not heard of UPrinting until now that I see the company endorsed here.

  13. Hello Joey,

    There’s more than one love story coming out of Louisiana. But, this one isn’t animated… it’s all the way live! Inside of the covers of TWISTING THE SCRIPT, you will find charming characters, romantic spice and a villian everyone will love! With the book tour starting in a few weeks, post cards from UPrinting are a must!

    By the way, please check out the latest review for TWISTING THE SCRIPT at:

    PICK ME!!!

  14. That does sound good–I might have to check them out since VistaPrint leaves you solo and I had bad quality but had a discount for future project though (credit). I would like to see what I am getting first before finalizing order and someone to talk to, make sure it is what I want overall.

  15. Hi Joey,

    I would love to win in 2010. I just received the cover for my August 2010 book. Need postcards for upcoming bookclub meetings. So that’s my story. Nothing as noble as donating to a prison ministry. But I will say that donating books to prisons is a great idea. Our writers group has been doing it for a few years. Author, Sherri Lewis was a prison physician. When her debut novel, My Soul Cries Out, came out, the women were fighting over copies of her book so we decided to expand the library there for them. It’s been an awesome ministry.

  16. Wow! Like all others I think this is a great opportunity. I would use the cards to promote my new book, NOT QUITE WHAT IT SEEMS, and also to promote the wonderful gift that UPrinting gave me ( the 100 free postcards) and the great job they do at printing all things promotional!

  17. My oldest son is graduating this year and I would love to use Uprinting customized postcards for his announcements. I can use the school colors for the background and add a picture of him and the school name and year. When I tried this at Uprinting they came out awesome. It’s a really cool site. Plus this would save me lots of money on postage cost as well because postcards cost .28 cents to mail compared to .44 cents to mail. Senior year is soooooo expensive~!
    Thanks for Sharing this review and giveaway~!

  18. Hi Joey!

    I would use the 100 postcards to promote my upcoming novel, RENDEZVOUS…which is certain to stimulate the minds of those that love PERFUME!!! Ever been on the inside of a perfume company??? Well, I’m going to take you there in ways unspeakable without CINEMAX! LOL!!! There you go! Thanks for the opportunity to join in!


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