Joey Pinkney interviews James Gordon aka G.P.A.

G.P.A.: WOOO! The Nature is what we’re about but a tad more accelerated. That idea of being the best and telling people about it defies what society says to do. I do it because it makes me feel good and pisses people off. Nothing like the spotlight. Everyone wants it till they realize what is takes to get there and what it takes to stand it.

Joey Pinkney: True indeed. That sentiment reminds me of an axiom that I’ll paraphrase: “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.” Most people claim to want to be in the spotlight, to be the center of attention. But few people are ready to put in the work it takes to get into the spotlight and deserve. Then once you get there, even fewer can handle the pressure.

G.P.A.: The spotlight draws all of it: the good, the bad and otherwise. We are built for this.

Joey Pinkney: I see that you’re a Batman fan. Chicago is Gotham. James Gordon. Bruce Veign (a la “Wayne”). Share a little about you being a fan of the Batman franchise.

G.P.A.: Batman is what every man should aspire to be. He fights for good with nothing but his wits and hands. He is relentless and unwavering. I take that and apply it to everything I do.

Joey Pinkney: You have grown over the years in terms of your creative endeavors. You’ve done a lot in the field of poetry (both spoken and written). You’ve written books. You are a storyteller. Now you have moved into working in front of the camera on a lot of different Chicago-based film and television productions. Tell us more.

G.P.A.: I’m a Background Celebrity (I came up with that) for “Chicago PD,” “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med,” “Empire,” “Shameless,” “The Patriot,” and “Sens8.” I starred in “Persian Version,” “A Slice of Life,” “Animals,” and “Phish.” It’s been a great ride, and I’m looking to see how far we can go. Also, made an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show.

IMG_9541Joey Pinkney: What’s your process? How did you get yourself into all of those places? Is Bruce Veign your agent?

G.P.A.: I just go. As if each individual has a different place to visit. Yes, Bruce Veign is my agent. It is necessary because of these multiple talents that we have, different members to facilitate each talent.

Joey Pinkney: What’s the most interesting experience you have had on set?

G.P.A.: The Steve Harvey Show. Man, I had my own dressing room. They pressed my suit, shined my head and made sure my Bro and I were comfortable. That was dope.

Joey Pinkney: Star treatment. Foreshadowing for things to come.

G.P.A.: Thank you. I didn’t believe in pursuing acting at first. I do now.

Joey Pinkney: You’re very welcome. How would you define a “Background Celebrity”?

G.P.A.: Extra is a derogatory term. A show or movie does not work without the actors behind, in and on the scene who usually say nothing. They are background celebrities. If you take them out of a scene, the scene doesn’t work.

marclivingston1267Joey Pinkney: How does that make them celebrities? Especially, if they are not celebrated?

G.P.A.: That’s exactly why they/we should be. In the heat, in the cold, long-ass hours… Yeah man. Being a background celebrity is a tireless effort without the accolades.

Joey Pinkney: I know exactly what you’re talking about. It reminds me of the documentary That Guy… Who Was in That Thing documentaries.

G.P.A.: Yeah exactly, but people see you. They look for you. The Steve Harvey thing and appearances on Empire have garnered me notice in other areas.

Joey Pinkney: You recently worked on a film project where you’re the leading male. What movie is this?

G.P.A.: “Phish.” I played Nathan Fisher, a sinister piece of shit.

Joey Pinkney: How did you land that role?

G.P.A.: Through an audition. The monologue I used was a Ric Flair monologue.

Joey Pinkney: WOOO! (Sorry, that came out of nowhere.)

Revenge of the Orgasm. Why revenge? How did you come up with that title?

G.P.A.: I always try to make the titles attention grabbing, so a word like “Revenge” coupled with “Orgasm” does that. Then, I reasoned that memories of an intimate or sexual nature come back. Thus, Revenge of the Orgasm.

Joey Pinkney: What’s the concept behind Angelica’s Box: A Poetically Sober Psychotic Break (Pizzle’s Trilogy of Insanity)?

G.P.A.: Angelica’s Box is an ode to women. This book was inspired by a woman that I couldn’t have but found attractive and with whom I became friends. So, the book details that interaction and situations like that plus other situations with women. Also, the book snaps. That’s right. The book loses its mind.

Joey Pinkney: I noticed the “Poetically Sober Psychotic Break” subtitle and “Pizzle’s Trilogy of Insanity”.

G.P.A.: There are two more parts to Angelica’s Box. I was drinking at the time, but the poems were sober.

Joey Pinkney: How does a book “lose its mind”?

G.P.A.: The book seems romantic. Then you see overt egotism. Then it goes to sexual, and then slightly political. Multiple themes erratically but they all make sense collectively.

Joey Pinkney: What gave you the idea to take such a jagged approach to producing this poetry collection?

G.P.A.: I figured I had written every type of poetry book possible, so I decided to go out there – way out there. The story behind Angelica’s Box is what propels the vehicle.

Joey Pinkney: If you could distill all of what you’ve learned about how to approach and deal with women into one sentence, what would it be?

G.P.A.: Be yourself because whether they like it or don’t, you will.

Joey Pinkney: The Warmest Winter. What is it? A poetry collection? A novel? A little of both?