Lexus is paying urban lit authors and rappers! Psyche!!

I came across interesting Tayari Jones post about a Galleycat post that Tayari found interesting.

Lexus is paying (a select group of) authors to write short stories about the Lexus IS F. The 2008 Lexus Original Fiction Series “In The Belly of The Beast” is about a young couple traveling in the car from Brooklyn to The Bay Area. Sounds like a good rap collabo in the making.
Tayari points out the fact that there are literally thousands of Urban Lit authors and rappers in the belly of the beast giving tons of free publicity to Lexus, Cristal and Armani in their works. I have to admit that I couldn’t tell you if what I’m reading is slang or product placement. Red Monkey? Murcielago?

Will the artists and writers get paid by Lexus for endorsing their products? Sure they will. Right? Just like Tommy Hilfiger and Granda Puba. Just like gangsta rap and Glock and Mossberg. Just like R. Kelly and Jeeps. Just like Timbaland and Timberlands. Just like Gucci Mane and Gucci.

But on the flip side, if urban lit authors and rappers didn’t reference material items would the stories be as interesting?