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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Alicia McGhee, author of Wet Dreams

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Alicia McGhee, author of Wet Dreams
(Lulu Publishing)

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Take a ride on this very hot, drama-packed erotic novel that will keep you having Wet Dreams. Phil Wilmore is a sexy R&B singer who knows how to sell out shows and keep the ladies screaming his name. Read as Phil takes you on a highly charged ride throughout his sexual encounters with very seductive women. One woman in particular was more than seductive to Phil, and he knew exactly what his hunger craved. That craving was the hottest talent manager to set foot in Industry Records, Christelle Blackwall.

Not only is Christelle Phil’s manager, she also becomes his lover. Phil Wilmore and Christelle Blackwall continue to remain lovers while indulging their appetites with other flavors. Two of those flavors who ironically know one another. Phil meets his caramel dream at one of his shows in a New York nightclub. She makes herself known from the curve of her hips to the way she licks her lips. Jasmine Riley is her name, and snagging up Phil Wilmore for herself is her game. While Phil Wilmore makes a persistent groupie happy, Christelle focuses her interest on a delicious chocolate man with long, clean dreadlocks by the name of Amir Jamal.

Following behind him like a little lost puppy, Christelle stalks her prey and continues till she’s sexually satisfied. As Phil and Christelle’s sexcapades continue, they even experience a threesome in a place called Paradise with a familiar face. Before long, Phil and Christelle’s erotic play takes a turn for the worse as their secret lovers no longer remain a secret. Amir falls in love, Jasmine wants Phil to marry her and somebody’s pregnant! When the love box becomes too complicated for some to handle, Jasmine takes drastic measures in making Christelle disappear while Amir still burns for Christelle’s touch.

The drama unfolds in this urban erotic tale changing the lives of everyone involved in the sin. Find out who’s related, whose baby is murdered, who’s killed and who looses their mind in Alicia McGhee’s Wet Dreams.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Wet Dreams?

Alicia McGhee: Wet Dreams started off as an erotic short story series I started in ’06. Due to the major subscribers making it so popular and requesting more, I was obligated to turn it into a full length novel.

JP: What sets Wet Dreams apart from other novels in its genre?

AM: Wet Dreams has its erotic points, but it also plays out as a thriller. It’s like an edgy movie which keeps you hooked till the very end. What sets my novel apart from others in its genre is that it’s very unpredictable. Wet Dreams is on a whole different level from its competitors in that respect.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to Wet Dreams getting out to the public?

AM: Like I said before, this novel was requested by the fans that followed me on MySpace from my very first book Pleasure & Pain which showcases twenty steamy, drama-filled short stories. That got them hooked. After the success of Pleasure & Pain and Hotter the Pleasure, Deeper the Pain II, the fans were ready for a full length novel with just as much intensity and hot erotica as the short stories but with a twist. Wet Dreams is the twist that the people were looking for.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Wet Dreams?

AM: As an author, I’m a visual and creative writer, so the things I dream up or discuss with my reading group all plays out like a film in my mind. I stick to that layout and make you visualize what and how I perceived the material. I start off with jotting down my ideas. Then I draft out an outline to follow along with my list of fictional characters and their characteristics. I give them life. I started Wet Dreams in early ’06 and completed it in 2 years.

JP: What’s next for Alicia McGhee?

AM: What’s next for me? I’ve got a lot more novels in the works with plans of releasing 2 novels by the end of this year. I’m working on the spin off to my latest novel Everybody’s Got A Story which is truly a pleasure to create. I’m also working on a hot steamy novel jammed packed with its fair share of sex while delving into the lives of 4 ladies who share their experiences on what goes on down in the gentlemen’s cabaret. I actually interviewed strippers for this piece, so this one is one fun novel to write.

I’ve also been getting my anthology work on with a story featured in Zane’s latest anthology Missionary No More: Purple Panties 2 titled Eve’s Secret. I’ve been showcased in Noire’s online magazine “Noire Magazine” with some hot naughty stories in the October & March issue. Expect more from me because I’m not done yet. I’ve still got a whole lot to say and share.


You can find all of my titles on Amazon for the hottest urban erotic dramas ever!!

Pleasure & Pain
Hotter the Pleasure, Deeper the Pain II
Wet Dreams
Everybody’s Got A Story

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