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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Art Noble, author of The Sacred Female

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Art Noble, author of The Sacred Female
(Trafford Publishing)

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In his radical and sensitive book, The Sacred Female, Art Noble both enlightens and enthralls his readers with a novel that explores the intimate connection between a man and a woman. Noble brilliantly shows how sexual love manifests into a shared magical experience.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write The Sacred Female?

Art Noble: From experience, then research to validate the experience.

JP: From the outside looking in, female ejaculation seems to be more sensational than sensual. What could the uninitiated reader stand to learn about this phenomenon?

AN: First, it increases female sexual pleasure by a reported factor of 10! This increase in pleasure was first noted by Dr. Reginald de Gaff in 1660. Also, I see pleasure as an indicator of the quantity of electrochemical energy generated that may be transmitted to the man to increase his sexual pleasure.

Ejaculation may not be a necessary element of transcendent sex or spiritual bonding. Also, the physical definition of the female prostate varies so all women may not be able to ejaculate.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to The Sacred Female getting out to the public?

AN: The teleseminar on Wed Dec 2, at 4PM, simulcast on www.hotmix106.com, of course a fantastic review by Joey Pinkney, and persistence.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish The Sacred Female?

AN: It was 5 years in gestation: 1 year in writing and 3 months of editing with a great editor. We read the manuscript aloud three times (over the phone) to smooth out all the rough spots. It is an easy read now.

JP: What’s next for Art Noble?

AN: More seminars and workshops on sexuality, and perhaps another novel with more information about anatomy and physiology so men and women may feel more comfortable about their fantastic bodies.


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Book Review: The Sacred Female by Art Noble

The Sacred Female
by Art Noble
(Trafford Publishing)
4 out of 5 Stars

What does a marine engineer and a high-end women’s boutique owner have in common? A swift bump on the head! Art Noble’s The Sacred Female is an erotic tale of sexual awakening for both the man and the woman. A chance meeting in the mall leads to a lifetime of love, laughter and melodrama.

Both Ricard and Jeanne experienced life, sex, marriage and children on their own accord. When they met, they were both secure in their respective careers and companionless households. After the usual courting ritual, complete with dates and the informational telephone conversations, the sexual aspect naturally creeps into the picture.

What Jeanne and Richard experience during their first coital encounter, neither are fully prepared. Completely trusting Richard and his commands, Jeanne experiences the phenomenon of female ejaculation. This liberation caused them to separately and collectively view their world in a totally new perspective.

Richard immediately experienced a paradigm shift. Having the analytical mind of an engineer and the abstract understanding of a poetry lover, he transformed spiritually in ways he never imagined possible. His curiosity lead to deep introspection, extensive research, wonderfully exhaustive sex and spiritual enlightening. He shared all four fully and faithfully with Jeanne.

Jeanne’s willingness to let herself go completely to Richard opens up an untapped aspect of her womanhood. On that fateful night, Jeanne wanted to stop for fear of urinating in Richard’s bed. Her ejaculation opens a floodgate, not just of sexual juices but also of emotions and new realizations of her role in a relationship with a man and with God.

Prior to Richard, Jeanne was a hard-nose business woman, complete with her own boutique and luxury car. These things, which she worked tremendously hard to achieve, give way to a more fulfilling relationship with Richard. She had experienced what she thought was love with her ex-husband, but her new found relationship with Richard makes her life unstable all over again.

The Sacred Female is more than a story sharing love and great sex. This novel also deals with the ups and downs of being in a relationship, the spiritual connections of love and the hardships of trying to digest it all. Together, Jeanne and Richard mature exponentially each day. They begin to think alike and even pick up the phone when the other person is calling. Such rapid growth is not without its growing pains. The hardships of change and the unknown only bring them closer. Richard slowly allows himself to be identified as the more casual “Rich Andrews”, something which shocks all who know him.

Richard’s occupation provides an interesting side-plot in The Sacred Female. As a marine engineer with ten years of experience at the established Greenbrier Corporation, his career in both stable and fulfilling. This comes to an head when he realizes his signature is being forged on company letterhead for projects he didn’t approve.

This is a very interesting side-story in The Sacred Female. Prior to meeting Jeanne, Richard would have went to war. Instead, Richard navigates a course unseen by doing what feels right instead of letting his logic fuel his emotions.The way Richard sorts out his thoughts and actions in light of his new found connection with his intuition is almost as interesting as how that aspect of The Sacred Female comes to a close.

Even though The Sacred Female is a work of fiction, Noble draws upon extensive research and rich personal experience to keep things interesting. The Sacred Female is not a how-to book on humping a woman into oblivion. This novel is about aspects of a woman’s sexuality that goes beyond the limitations of the scientific and the procedural.

Noble allows his reader to learn by looking over Richard’s shoulder as he ties together Western Science with the knowledge and wisdom of ancient cultures from around the world. In his search for the explanation for the physical, he finds an answer that is spiritually beyond  qualifying in human terms. He is constantly pushed closer to God, and Jeanne follows his lead, opening up the “Three Gates” of sexual and spiritual fulfillment.

The Sacred Female is a strong debut from Art Noble. His literary voice is clear and direct, allowing the reader to enjoy the story unfold instead of getting bogged down in learning the meaning of new words. Noble’s penchant to the subtleties of conversation is full of movie references, witty jokes and rich dialogue. Although you will become quickly in tune and comfortable with Richard and Jeanne, you will not become bored.

You will experience the realistic ups and downs of a relationship as they get to know each other spiritually and are forced to grow. What starts out as sexually between Richard and Jeanne progresses to the intellectual. This desire for knowledge about the mechanics of female ejaculation is under-girded by the reality of a spiritual awakening that reconstructs the psyches of two people who were established in their professions and thought they were stable in their personal identities.

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