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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… James E. Alston, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
James E. Alston, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

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(Three of the first ten people to comment will win a copy of James E. Alston’s No More Mr. Nice Guy.)

Congratulations to Joyce, Lisa Fikes and Asia for winning the free copies of No More Mr. Nice Guys.

This professional chronology deals with the psychosocial dynamics in a workplace environment and how those dynamics impact minorities, women and the general public. Through his interactions with subordinates, fellow managers and executives throughout this text, the author teaches invaluable lessons on how to handle undue pressure and inappropriate expectations with tenacity. This book also shows how everyone—no matter their color or creed—has a breaking point.

Pushing all the right buttons, this true story is filled with empathy and powerful directives on how to choose battles in order to win the war. Fearless and without irony, this sociological analysis of an African American who climbs the corporate ladder and hits the glass ceiling. This is a painful reminder of how little has changed in the past century. No More Mr. Nice Guy serves as a history lesson, filled with the backlash of sexism and corporate color games. Ultimately, a lesson on grace and survival, minorities and non-minorities are given a rare in-depth look into just how unfair the corporate workplace can be.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write No More Mr. Nice Guy?

James Alston: It is a book that inspires us to think, see and work differently every day. I expanded my story into a book because of its social relevance. Federal job discrimination complaints filed by workers against private employers shot up 9 percent last year, the biggest annual increase since the early 1990s.

During 2007, 72,442 private sector discrimination complaints were resolved. Plus, the commission recovered approximately $345 million in compensation for those who had filed discrimination charges. This number does not include worker complaints settled before a complaint is filed or other types of quiet back room settlements.

I was inspired to write No More Mr. Nice Guy from my many experiences in Corporate America. My idea was to compel corporate executives to examine their own corporate culture and employees to be empowered. The message is: “You have the Power, Discrimination is Expensive.”

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to No More Mr. Nice Guy getting out to the public?

JA: I started with a detailed two year business plan. I use Guerilla Marketing strategies, i.e.; talking up my book to family and friends and networking. I also joined “The Black Caucus of the American Library Association,” the “Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility” and the NAACP.

I set up a web page before the book release, sent my manuscript to four people for their review and book blurbs and gave a copy of my newly released book to the people that I mentioned on my acknowledgement page along with a request for their support.

I sent out post cards and a professional press release to targeted markets. I met personally with the local librarians or their coordinators and set up reading and book signing engagements. I also personally visited local book stores, leaving books to display and my business card and participated in Street Fairs, Book Festivals, Independent Bookstore appearances, Book Club appearances and NAACP events.

I recently approached the Marketing Department at a local college and asked about hiring a student to assist with my book promotion. I was pleasantly surprised that the college embraced the idea and said a student could actually earn “credit hours” through an internship program if it was set up properly. Along with the college credits earned, real world experience is a resume builder for the student in this tough job market, and I hope that we both can benefit from the project. I am in the process of interviewing suitable candidates.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish No More Mr. Nice Guy?

JA: It took me approximately four years to write and release No More Mr. Nice Guy. My writing process is somewhat unconventional. There are days that I will write for several hours almost non-stop. The next day I might not write at all but instead read a book that I enjoy.

I consider myself a slow writer. After I write fifty pages, I go back and read what I have written when it is cold and I haven’t looked at it for awhile. I do not write by a set of strict rules. I do not write with the pressure of a dead line. Once I have completed my manuscript, I will ask a friend (or two) who is pretty tough on me to read and tell me what they think.

I do work with an outline to develop the characters. Using fully developed character helps to move my story in a more seamless fashion. I find that if I put undeveloped characters on paper and they come together with the other characters and situations, they might not interact well. That leaves the reader to feel frustrated.

Undeveloped characters also slow down the rhythm of the story. If I try to work with undeveloped characters, I usually develop writers block. When a character is doing something unlikely and unreal from their personality, this could leave a reader saying, “There is no way that could ever happen,” versus the reader saying, “No he didn’t …”

JP: How did you feel writing No More Mr. Nice Guy knowing that your colleagues would know exactly who you were talking about?

JA: I thought long and hard about writing No More Mr. Nice Guy. I had to work through my personal feeling of how people would or might feel about the book. I learned from other authors that when it comes to a book, everyone wants to be viewed in a good light. It is unrealistic that everyone is going to always do the right thing for themselves and others. I felt a moral responsibility to dedicate my story to employees and their families who were unable to get some fairness in the workplace.

After the book was released some of my colleagues were upset and angered, to put it mildly. Most of my colleagues were delighted that some light was shed on the subject of injustice in the company. No More Mr. Nice Guy places a face on a number of people that I witnessed who never had a chance to defend themselves. Corporate America has many cemeteries with graves of employees who should not have been fired by the hands of unjust actions.

JP: What’s next for James Alston?

JA: I am working on a second book about customer service, attentively titled A Lost Art: Why Are We So Thankful When We Find It.In this book, I disclose a unique perspective on how service affects everyday lifestyles. Service, or lack of great customer service, definitely has an impact on us mentally, physically and on our everyday decision making.


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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… HBO’s The Wire actor Tray Chaney, author of The Truth You Can’t Betray

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Tray Chaney, author of The Truth You Can’t Betray

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Tray Chaney, currently appearing as Malik “Poot” Carr on HBO’s award winning street drama “The Wire,” announces the re-release of his inspirational autobiography entitled The Truth You Can’t Betray.  The book has been inspiring young people as well as adults to strive for their dreams. Mr. Chaney’s book release has marked a pivotal new turning point for the young Washington, DC Actor.

With his acting career skyrocketing toward stardom and fame, Chaney decided to put his life story into words with The Truth You Can’t Betray. His publication is quickly gaining media attention and support from his peers. His book is suitable for all audience and is written without profanity. The Truth You Can’t Betray has an encouraging message that speaks of the importance of determination and hard work to reach lifelong dreams. His story chronicles the personal life of a young man choosing a path of righteousness on his way to public stardom.

With so much opportunity for young people to choose wrong from right, Chaney says, “I wanted to share my story to illustrate to the young people that hard work and determination will pay off for you as long as you stick with it and never give up. I want to be a positive role model for all the young people in the world.”

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to share you life story with The Truth You Can’t Betray?

Tray Chaney: I always wanted to share my life with individuals around the world. I wanted to show them that you can achieve success if you put your mind, body and soul into it. We live in a society where there is so much negativity and where people don’t have morals. I felt like, “Why not write a inspirational/motivational book about pursuing a positive dream?” The true inspiration comes from being around positive people. A lot of people will be pretty shocked as I take them on this journey that led me to starring on one of the biggest shows that ever hit television  hands down: HBO’s The Wire!

JP: What sets The Truth You Can’t Betray apart from other autobiographies?

TC: Most individuals and entertainers decide to do an autobiography when they have achieved a lot in their careers. Not saying that I haven’t, but I am in my early twenties. I felt the need to start inviting my fans and the people on my inspirational journey now. I am going to update readers that are younger, older and in between on some of my life’s choices that I have made and am continuing to make. This book is not set up as chapters; it’s set up in seasons because I respect the line of work I am in which is acting.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to The Truth You Can’t Betray getting out to the public?

TC: Well of course, being self published helps. I have managed to market and promote myself through multimedia avenues like television, magazines, internet, parties, etc. It’s just a matter of setting up a myspace page, twitter page and face-book then beating up the streets with my product. I use this book as a tool to motivate. I know I have something, so I’m driven to run up in the hair salons, barbershops, restaurants, train stations and wherever else I need to go. That’s how more people have gotten to know about Tray Chaney outside of my affiliation with The Wire. They also know me as an author with a message and a lot of drive.

JP: What has been your readers’ reactions to your life story?

TC: Their reactions have been very positive. The reactions really make me feel overjoyed. People are touched when they read it because they feel the same way that I feel right now doing this interview right now. That’s how the book reads. It just flows. It’s not long and drawn out. It’s straight to the point. I wanted to give my people the real Tray Chaney. Let me just add that there is NO profanity or cursing in the book at all.

JP: What’s next for Tray Chaney?

TC: I have a independent movie coming out on April 21, 2009, straight to DVD with the rapper Freeway from Rocafella Records entitled “What We Do”. The move is directed by Tron Anderson. I am shooting a film now called “The Conversation in DC” directed by Frank Jackson. More movies, more books and more music. I am working with producers putting together a soundtrack for the book. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but I like to try different things.

Facebook Tray Chaney

On the heels of his book release last year, Tray wrote and produced a play that was performed in the ARC Theater called “The City of Lost Dreams.” Soon Tray hopes he can turn his autobiography into a film. Tray has ventured into another industry sector with his music. He is pursuing a music career working with various producers. Tray Chaney’s up and coming album is entitled “Jack of All Trays” is coming soon. It will be made available at most outlets. His album currently features two hit singles “Dilemma,” featuring JAZZ of Druhill, and the international pop record “Baby Lets Go,” featuring G-Mann with Cherry. For more information on Tray’s career and to listen to his music visit www.myspace.com/traychaneyfeaturingJazz.

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