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Congratulations Jennifer C! She won FREE COPIES of Caught in the Net of Deception and A Hole in My Heart from JoeyPinkney.com

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National Reading Month With… Rose Jackson-Beaver, author of Caught in the Net of Deception

rose jackson-beavers net deception on prioritybookdotcom

Rose Jackson-Beaver, author of Caught in the Net of Deception: I have always been a great talker. As a child, I loved to tell stories and repeat daily news that happened to anyone who would listen. The difference was the way that I reported these stories. I used great imagination, exaggeration and action verbs to draw my audiences in. My mother used to tell us stories and read books to all of her children. Sometimes we would sit in a circle and listen. She was quite imaginative. Growing up in a large family, I loved to read. We would fight over the cereal boxes as we ate breakfast in the morning. My siblings and I had to read the back of the box. It seemed to make the cereal taste that much better. I had to read. Reading made my day that much brighter.

I am finding that I am more passionate about writing for teens. I don’t mind writing to take people visually to places they have not visited. I can write love scenes that may stimulate, but as I grow as a writer, I want my words to inspire someone to take action. With teens I want to make a difference and give them hope when many of them are feeling so hopeless. I want my words to teach without preaching. I love encouraging teens to become all they can through stories that interest them. I will release Caught in the Net of Deception in early March 2009. It’s a teen book that focuses on teens and the dangers they can find surfing on the Internet. I wrote this book because several teens I know were almost found in danger because they are susceptible to communicating with strangers who pretended to be people they were not.

My mother laid the foundation for my love for reading when I was young. I think it is important to instill reading in children early because reading really strengthens comprehension skills. Take a child to the library weekly and watch how his desire to read grows. I don’t know what I would have done without reading. It broadens my horizon about life.

For more information about Rose Jackson-Beaver and Caught in the Net of Deception, please visit http://www.prioritybooks.com.

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