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Congratulations Larry Wilson, Jr. AKA DaPharoah69! Winner of Crew Love by Antwan Floyd

How did he win? He was one of the first ten people to comment on “5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Antwan Floyd, author of Crew Love”. DaPharoah69’s name was randomly drawn for the book giveaway hosted by JoeyPinkney.com’s Joey Pinkney and BleedingPenPublishing.com’s Antwan Floyd.

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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Dapharoah69, author of The King of Erotica 4

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Dapharoah69, author of The King of Erotica 4: The DeTHRONEment of a King
(TKOE Publications)

larry wilson jr the king of erotica on amazondotcom

The King of Erotica Book 1 introduced a THRONE no one knew existed. The King of Erotica Book 2 introduced the Throne and the CROWN of a King, with gut-wrenching stories other authors were too afraid to touch. The King of Erotica Book 3: VIP showed the world a scorned, battered author with a painful past willing to change the world with his vision. Over 200 separate Five Star Reviews later, Dapharoah69 is back with The King of Erotica 4: The DeTHRONEment of a King. Could this quite possibly be the last The King of Erotica novel…ever?

FATE WILLIAMS was abused by her own flesh and blood mother over the years. After reluctantly poisoning her mother’s drink, she has to plan her mother’s funeral. But someone won’t let her forget…and it could be deadly.

Ex-prostitute, PRINCESS WEBSTER’S stomach sticks out further than her Booty-Do…because she’s in love with a one night stand and pregnant! But her best friend, Georgia, knows Princess slept with her husband, Ed. Does the baby belong to Ed? Or Thomas?

FRANCINE, FRANCINE, FRANCINE strikes! She was betrayed in Book 1. She makes a pivotal choice when she calls a cab in a wedding dress to rush home to marry the man who has her best friend Chandra hooked on drugs and pregnant. Will her heart speak now, or will her pride forever hold her…peace?


Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write The King of Erotica 4?

Dapharoah69: I got the idea after being betrayed by a former publishing house back in 2003. Entering and winning over a hundred Myspace Erotic Story and Poetry contests, my fans and people who read my blogs christened me “The King of Erotica”.

So like Zane’s Sex Chronicles, I decided to name my first book The King of Erotica and using sex as a weapon but giving the characters background, dilemmas everyday people acknowledge or deny and to give the characters an identity so I wasn’t just writing sex in vain.

JP: What sets The King of Erotica 4 apart from other novels in the series? And why might this be the last one?

Dapharoah69: The King of Erotica 4 is the DeTHRONEment. Book one was the actual Throne, so the message was raw, blunt and took no prisoners. Book 2 was the Crown, not as raunchy, but deeper in the storytelling. Book 3 is the VIP. Book 4 dives deeper into the scandals, digs into the core of the abuse, dives deeper into the emotional state of the characters. It shows what makes them tick. It shows why they are so promiscuous. It shows why they worship two masters.

This might quite possibly be the last because this was the hardest book to write out of the four because I had to dig deep into the abuse I suffered as a child to give the characters flesh and air. The first book took 5 days to write. Book 4 took almost 3 months. I had to stop and start. It was too emotional for me.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to The King of Erotica series being as popular as it has been?

Dapharoah69: The keys to my success was my faith in God, faith in my ability and doing it all to get the message out: shunning paychecks, huge bonuses and turning my back on traditional publishing blueprints. It’s kind of like Akhenaton in Africa back in the 1350 B.C. Era turning his back on the pharaohs that ruled before him to pave his own way with his own formula.

Being humble, showing readers and naysayers alike that you can be successful if you work hard to achieve your goals with good intentions was necessary. Writing to express myself, letting them know that I am not trying to make anyone happy was critical. Giving books out for free to those who can’t afford them was important. All that has made The King of Erotica a bestselling, 5 Star Series.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish The King of Erotica 4?

Dapharoah69: Book 1 took me five days, fourteen hours a day or more I always contribute to my work. Book 2 about a week. Book 3 two and a half days. I always map and blueprint the characters, so that makes it easy for me. I don’t stop or take breaks until it’s done. I lock myself in my room, cut off all phones, no internet access, no outside world when I create. So friends and family don’t hear from me for weeks sometimes.

I research different cultures, areas, environments animals -  everything. I write from the female, male, gay, straight, married, sheltered points of view. Book 4 took me nearly three months to write because of all the pain I had to relive. So I went through a depression phase. Book 4 was almost scrapped, but I stuck with it.

JP: What’s next for Larry Wilson, Jr.?

Dapharoah69: I have a book, Some Men Wear Panties, coming out with bestselling author of On the Down Low, JL King. And I have my first full debut novel, Call Her Queen Hatshepsut, coming in late October. I’m nervous about it because it deals with a deranged plastic surgeon who raises her son as a girl to get back at the father for marrying and fathering a child with her identical twin sister.




  • The King of Erotica Books featured in Bestselling Author E Lynn Harris Literary Cafe
  • A combined 210 (5) Star Reviews on Barnes and Noble.com and not a star less
  • Featured in over 400 book clubs worldwide
  • The King of Erotica Books 1, 2 and 3 were Barnes and Noble.com Top 100 Bestsellers at the same time, with book 3 peaking at #71.
  • I was the only self-published, African-American author with three different titles in the Top 100 at the same time.

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