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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Polo AKA The Fur King and Fallon Seaborn, Designer vs. Stylist

Ladies first. Ms. Fallon Seaborn, what is your “stylist philosophy”?

Fallon Seaborn: I live by my philosophies and sayings, but the one that really stays with me is: ” Never be afraid to go left if left is really your right!” A lot of people think being different or leading your own path is crazy.

I have my own style, and I do my own thing in life. When people see me, they have so many different opinions on how I should be.  I think that hinders people. They never evolving into ones true self.

When I wardrobe style my clients, I allow them to bring to life what they imagined and add my flavor to the equation.

Now, Polo. What is your philosophy on the “art of fashion design”?

Polo: Fashion is what you make it, Joey. It’s like art. You have to imagine what you want and bring it to life.

Ms. Seaborn, what are some budget-friendly styling tips a person can use when they are coming up with something on their own?

FS: Don’t be afraid to shop on sale, consignment, thrift stores and at outlets. You will probably never be able to guess everything I have on or how much I paid for it. That’s because I love clothing! You should never go by the name; go on how you feel.

Some of the best looks are when the heart and effort is put into the fashion aspect of what they are wearing as opposed to a person just buying something for the sake of having a designer name. I shop all over for my clients. I rarely ever buy everything for my clients in one store. I like to see what’s out there.

There are so many up-and-coming designers that are majorly hot. But people are sticking to what they are accustomed to. I venture out because Louis Vuitton was once a new designer. You never know when you will find a diamond in the rough.

Polo, what is your view on fashion as a business? How has fashion become a business for you?

Polo: It was just a hobby at first. I was spending more and more on the clothes I was buying. I was like, “Whoa, I can do the same thing and go into business for myself!” And that’s exactly what I did!

Ms. Seaborn, what are some of your favorite brands? And why?

FS: Wow! Great question, Joey! I love so many. For my personal style, I’m a jean and purse fanatic. I love Escada, Versace, Joe’s, Moci and DCuts for my denim.

My favorite purse designers would be Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Fendi and Hermes. I’ve never owned a Hermes bag yet, but trust you me I’m working on it. I love these designers because of there cuts and designs.

I personally wear all the jeans by the designers I just named, and they have stood the test of time. Their designs are always hot and the fit is incredible for a mast majority of people.

My picks on the bags have been tested over time. I’m always carrying a lot of stuff, and I need to have a very durable bag I need space, but still be fly.

Polo, what is some good advice for up-and-coming fashion designers?

Stay focused. Stay at least 10 steps ahead of the game as well as the people that you are around. Keep you mind right, your time right and your grind right and you will be fine.

Ms. Seaborn, where do you get your inspiration from when coming up with new and exciting ideas?

FS: I’m loving the questions, Joey! I pull inspiration from all types of places: my friends, people, magazines, music and myself. I’m constantly trying to improve and be better then I was 5 minutes ago.

I know some really creative people, and theykeep me on my toes and make me feel comfortable to know that it’s ok to be different.

Polo, what is most challenging about work now?

Polo: Making the customer happy. It’s hard work, but I do a good job at it. I love seeing the customer walking out with that smile on there face its a beautiful feeling.

Ms. Seaborn. If you could pick one person to style you for a photo shoot, with no involvement on your part, who would that person be? And why?

FS: For women, I would have to pick two people and for men one person. I love June Ambrose and Brea Stinson. They are really talented, and I love there style.

The man I would choose would be none other than my manager himself, Polo AKA The Fur King. Polo knows my edgy side.

It’s funny because I think it’s hard for a person to dress me because I’m a moody dresser. I can literally be over a look in two minutes! It’s annoying sometimes! FYI: I never make it to the club until it’s time to close.

Polo, how has you birthplace influenced your designs?

Polo: I was born in the Bronx where the people are fresh, but I was raised in Teaneck, NJ, where people are the best. Considering I’m only 10 minutes from Harlem AKA The Mecca, the influence was easy. My style is like no other, so it made it that more easier.


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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Fallon Seabon, FEATHER Clothing

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Fallon Seaborn
(FEATHER Clothing)

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the inspiration to be a part of the fashion industry?

Fallon Seaborn: My inspiration for wanting to be in the fashion industry honestly started at home. My grandmother was a seamstress. All the ladies in my family took dressing to another level.

My grandmother was extremely jazzy and just wore the best of the best. She hand made a lot of her own clothing from dresses and blouses to dress slacks. I always knew as a kid I would be into fashion and glamor.

JP: What sets your designs apart from other stylists? What do you provide that would make someone choose you over the others in your field of expertise?

FS: I feel I get picked for jobs over a lot of stylist because of my talent and personality. Some stylist feel they know everything, and that’s not true. I learn a lot from my clients and incorporate their personal style then add my twist to it.

I listen to my clients needs and not just what’s going to be hot. Yes, my client might look great. If they’re not comfortable, the look won’t come off as a winner.

As a stylist, you need to make sure you ease your client into HAUTENESS! Sometimes, fashion can be overwhelming to some. I’m not just a stylist. I’m a fashion therapist!

JP: Why did you decide to name your fashion line “Feather”, and what makes it unique?

FS: Believe it or not, my 10-year-old brother came up with the name for my clothing line. I was up all night thinking about a hot name that’s catchy, easy to pronounce, sexy, feminine and free. I was brainstorming out loud. Out of nowhere, my brother yells, “Feather!” I instantly fell in love with the name!

JP: Who are some of the people in the fashion industry that you look up to and emulate?

FS: I love Brea Stinson, June Ambrose, Misa, Patricia Fields and Phillip Bloch. I’m emulating June Ambrose and Patricia! I say these two because, like June, I have a fashion team that works with me. Plus, I’m writing my own book!

I emulate Patricia because I’m heading to movies for styling. I would love to wardrobe style a huge motion picture or a great sitcom. I study these women, and I learn what made them successful. Then I add my own twist, which many will see in the near future.

JP: What’s next for Fallon Seaborn?

FS: A lot is in the making for Moi’. I’m writing a motivational book for women. It will be a tool for skin care and great places to shop for less but still carry the designer labels. I’m also writing poetry that will be released inside the back of the book as well.

Currently I’m working on a independent film with Steven Bernheim. I will be styling the entire movie myself and showcasing pieces of my clothing line FEATHER for women.

I have a lot in the works. You may even see me on a Bravo show for styling soon! Keeping my fingers crossed on that one! Stay tuned because I always have something cooking and something ready to come from under my sleeves.


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