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Book Review: From the Soul of a Woman by Valorie N. Parker

From the Soul of a Woman: Love Shouldn’t Hurt
Valorie N. Parker
(Vision Press Publishing)
4 out of 5 Stars

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Valerie N. Parker’s From the Soul of a Woman is much more than a woman escaping abuse. It was much more than the pain she endured. This book details Parker’s journey into and out of a major trial in her life, her marriage to an abusive preacher. She details how her growth is Jesus while still a child gave her the strength and direction to come out on the other side with a prosperous career and four beautiful children.

Parker first heard the voice of the Lord at about five years old. She didn’t know where it had come from; her cousin had to tell the source. Later in her teenage years, God would again visit her while she was sinking in a drunken depression. The shock of the Lord’s presence woke her from her stupor.

Again, the Lord spoke She shared her joy in the Lord and was able to claim her little brother as her first convert based on faith. Parker spent the next few years doing the Lord’s work and getting closer to God. It would be years before she was actually Saved. At 19, she found the Lord while anxious to leave a New Year’s service.

Her next stage in life was 19 years of marriage. Parker knew the preacher who would become her husband. He grew up near her grandparents. Their marital bliss came to an abrupt halt when he slapped her in the face in front of another couple who went to her church. From there, she endured verbal and physical abuse while giving birth to and raising four children. While fronting like the perfect Christian couple at church, Parker fell into a deep depression that would have taken the unbeliever.

Instead of succumbing to her husband’s ignorant ways, she was able to overcome the fear and doubt that she had for her own abilities. Although she had the gift to preach and minister into the souls of man, she chose to stay in her husband’s shadows.

That same voice that had been with her since kindergarten gave her will to strike out on her own and make a better life for her children. A chance meeting with Les Brown allowed her to use her God-given gift to the fullest, and From the Soul of a Woman glows because her testimony.

Valerie N. Parker has provided a sermon that will summon your soul to the summit of sweet victory. From the Soul of a Woman is not about being abused; it’s about how Jesus will help you turn that trial into a triumphant testimony. This book should be required reading for anyone who is truly ready “Let Go and Let God”.

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