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5th Annual Authors & Artists Chicago

(The Limitless Possibilities of Literature and Culture)

Kick Off Art Reception:

Friday, September 19th @ 7PM -10PM
The Ven Sherrod Image Gallery
1906 S Halsted
$5 Admission
Purchase Ticket <==click here

5th Annual Authors & Artists Chicago

Saturday, September 20th @ 1PM -6PM
Columbia College
623 S Wabash
$10 Admission
Purchase Ticket <==click here

(The Limitless Possibilities of Literature & Culture)

Now in its fifth year, Authors and Artists Chicago is striving to become the destination cultural event in the city. This years event takes place Friday Sept. 19th with a kickoff art reception and Saturday September 20th with a book fair. The team at 220 Communications hopes you’ll join us for both these enlightening evenings.

Featuring National Author:

Omar Tyree


Omar Tyree, a New York Times best-selling author, a 2001 NAACP Image Award recipient for Outstanding Literature in Fiction, and a 2006 Phyllis Wheatley Literary Award winner for Body of Work in Urban Fiction, has published 15 books and has sold more than 1.8 million copies worldwide.

With a degree in Print Journalism from Howard University in 1991, Tyree has been recognized as one of the most renown contemporary writers in the African-American community. He is also an informed and passionate speaker on various community-related and intellectual topics. Soon to enter the world of feature film making, self-help / business books, and urban children’s books, Tyree is a tireless creator and visionary of few limitations.

Detroit Authors include:

Stephanie L. Jones, Monica Marie Jones, & Sylvia Hubbard

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