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5 Minutes 5 Questions With… Jahzara, author of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Jahzara, author of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore
(Tranquil Moments Publishing)

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Nyree Shaw-Chandler had painted Malachi Chandler as a prince on the canvas of her mind. In reality he was nothing more than a broke-down, wanna-be, thug.

Nyree’s life had been a page out of a fairytale. She married “Mr. Charming”, and they were on their way to happily ever after. As with most roads, a warning sign always precedes the dangerous intersection. Nyree finds herself questioning Malachi more and more as his stories just don’t seem to add up. Malachi is always able to smooth things over. His desire to smooth things over fades. The late nights away from home can not be accounted for, and money constantly turns up missing. Nyree’s world finally comes crashing down around her.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Love Don’t Live Here Anymore?

Jahzara: The character Nyree in Love Don’t Live Here Anymore is based on my real life drama. I wrote Love Don’t Live Here Anymore to inspire and empower women and to promote healing for me as well. I took a creative writing class at the graduate level and submitted the first chapter of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore. My professor suggested that I continue with the story and turn it into a novel.

JP: What sets Love Don’t Live Here Anymore apart from other novels in its genre?

Jah: Love Don’t Live Here Anymore is a novel of energy and raw emotion. It’s based loosely based on a true story. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore is crafted in a manner that readers will pick their brains trying to figure out where reality ends and fiction begins.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to Love Don’t Live Here Anymore getting out to the public?

Jah: I believe that this story had to be told to help me heal and to help others know that no matter how difficult the situation, they too can make it. That is my motivation for getting it out to the public. Everyday, I think about who would benefit from reading Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, and then I approach those people. In addition, my publicist Fran Briggs creates exceptional press releases and media releases. She encourages me to not only think big but to do big things.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Luv Don’t Live Here Anymore?

Jah: The writing process for me varies. Sometimes I like to write in a blank book and then transfer it to the computer. Other times, I like to do what I call freestyle writing. This is where I just write from off the top of my head.

It took me between 3-4 years to complete Love Don’t Live Here Anymore. I took a couple of lengthy breaks during the process to make time for children.

JP: What’s next for Jahzara?

Jah: I am working to promote other authors and give them an opportunity to have their works published with my publishing company Tranquil Moments LLC. I want to work with authors who are hungry and want to turn their stories into books.

I’m working on the sequel to Love Don’t Live Here Anymore which is called Luv U 4 Life. I am working to turn Love Don’t Live Here Anymore into a screenplay. Also, I have dating manual that will be released soon entitled Da Test: Is He Date-able?

Readers can pick up my first novel Contradictions written under the name Nicole Bradley as well as check out my story “Friends With Benefits” in Shannon Holmes’ Anthology Hood2Hood.

Website link www.jahzarawrites.com
Myspace link www.myspace.com/iluvjahzara

Peace and Blessings,
Nicole “Jahzara” Bradley


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