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Book Review: The Storm is Over by Kelvin Lassiter

The Storm is Over: Quotes for Achievement and Success
by Kelvin Lassiter
(Lasstime, LLC)
5 out of 5 Stars

kelvin lassiter the storm is over on kelvinspeaksdotcom

Kelvin Lassiter’s The Storm is Over: Quotes for Achievement and Success is far more than a bunch of quotes and random thoughts. The Storm is Over is more like a manual for overcoming life’s struggles from an author who is full of wisdom and passion.

I was once told that to gain a better understanding of a book, you have to know who the author is. Lassiter’s background as a motivational speaker and a strong Christian man shines through each commentary. Lassiter showed promise of intelligence early in life. Although he had a rocky young adulthood, he has risen to motivate communities to achieve greater things. The Storm is Over is an extension of his outreach.

Many self-help/motivational books simply drown you in good information. It’s like having a year’s supply of food and water shipped to your house in one day – overwhelming. With The Storm is Over, there are fifty-two quotes. Each quote and explanation are assigned to a certain week of the month.

This gives you a chance to read the quote and internalize the message by revisiting the week’s quote over the course of seven of days. This is good for two reasons: 1) it allows you to keep an informal schedule for utilizing the book’s wisdom and 2) it allows your to read the book one portion at a time for maximum effect.

The organization of the quote being on the left-hand page and the advice being on the right-hand page makes it easy read and digest the great information given in this book. Plus, the quotes are broken up in a way that you can use this book as a reference and come back to it time and time again. As Lassiter covers topics such as being open to change, ending the blame game and even using your brain’s full potential, it is Lassiter’s solid identification of the strength of the quote that makes this book a powerful document.

Lassiter’s strategic choice of the people from whom he drew quotes will not go unnoticed. From presidents to well known entrepreneurs to globally-recognized leaders of change, the quotes really hit home from people who have achieved amazing things. For instance, Bill Gates quote (“It’s Fine To Celebrate Success But It’s More Important To Heed The Lessons Of Failure”) is powerful because of the angle it takes on using failures as valuable learning tools.

Another quote that impressed me was “When It Rains, It Pours”. Although the quote is cliche, the advice given on the adjacent page is intricate and truly inspirational. There was only one quote that didn’t fully related to the advice given, but the quote and the advice were powerful enough to stand on their own merit. Lassiter ends each section with an affirmation to repeat. This allows you to harness the power of self-motivation as you continue forward with a more focused and fruitful life.

The Storm is Over is not only a book about self-improvement. This is also a book about being able to interact with people whether they are your customers (I Want Minimum Information Given With Maximum Politeness) and or your children (It Is Easier To Build Strong Children Than It Is To Heal Broken Men).

The Storm is Over urges you to take action. It urges you to move in a positive direction. The Storm is Over does this by giving your bite-sized steps to pursuing your life to its ultimate destiny and the space to incorporate its teachings into the fabric of your life.

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