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National Reading Month With… Jahzara Writes, author of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore

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Jahzara Writes, author of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: My love affair with reading and writing started with my grandmother. My grandmother used to tell the most magnificent stories. Listening to her, I could visualize the images and feelings that she created. I can recall being a pre-schooler and thinking to myself, “I want to do that”. I wanted to tell magnificent stories, too. I wanted to capture a person’s attention.

This was only the beginning. I remember being mesmerized by hearing my elementary school librarian, Mrs. Kevins, read to the class when we had Library Day. However, I don’t think anyone could read a story like my third grade teacher, Mrs. Mary Smith. She introduced me to Paul Laurence Dunbar. She read his poetry with such emotion and caused me to be intrigued with dialect.

I was disruptive back in those days. I’m sure she didn’t quite know how to manage this young girl who had a knack for fighting boys. One day, she put me in the “Wee One’s Corner”, the equivalence to today’s “Time Out.” With no distractions, I breezed through my work which was correct. Mrs. Smith was not letting me out of the “Wee One’s Corner” that easily. She gave me a blank composition book and told me to write. Hence the beginning of Jahzara’s writing career.

After marrying a man that everyone warned me not to marry and learning dark secret after dark secret about him, I thought my life would end. Every day with him became a dreaded adventure. “It can’t get any worse,” had become my daily mantra. Everyday it got progressively worse, so I ditched the mantra. I wanted my life to be over. At night before going to bed, I wished I would go to sleep and wake up in my Maker’s arms.

Finally, after waking up morning after morning to a dreaded nightmare, I decided that I would live. I decided that instead of waking up with dread, I would wake up with delight. I decided to take my life back. Love Don’t Live Here Anymore is a novel that tells my story. I had to write this book in order to heal and promote healing, motivation and inspiration in others.

For more information about Jahzara Writes and Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, please visit: http://www.jahzarawrites.com/.

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