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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Keyshawn Wallace AKA Mr. Keys AKA The King of Hooks

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Keyshawn Wallace AKA Mr. Keys AKA The King of Hooks
(Bosses That Meet Bosses Group)

Joey Pinkney: It is well known that all musical instruments are trying to emulate the beauty and power of the human voice. If you had to compare your voice to a musical instrument, which one would it be and how would you describe it?

Mr. Keys:
I’m like the saxophone. When you here the sax you hear soul and feeling. Everything comes out so smooth. Just like me, very smooth.

JP: What can a person expect when they experience a Mr. Keys performance?

Mr. Keys:
In short, just think of Jamie Foxx. That’s what you get from Mr. Keys. You get the comedy, the stage presence, the soulful voice as well as an unforgettable performance.

JP: What childhood experience did you have that let you know that music is your life?

Mr. Keys: I would have to say the day I realized music was my life was the very first time I sang a solo in my church at around 14 years old. I was a member of Charles St. AME. Every Sunday I could not wait to get into that church and sing for the congregation.

JP: Music and fashion go hand-in-hand. How does your visual style compliment your music?

Mr. Keys: Well, my style is very contradictory. Sometimes, I like to go all out and wear customized clothing that my manager “Polo The Fur King” designs.

There are times when a white tee and some jeans is suffice. I guess my music can reflect that at times. There are days when my songs and my tone is very laid back. Then, there are times that I tend to go a little harder with the note to make sure my vision is heard.

JP: Where do you plan to take music in the future?

Mr. Keys: Hopefully, a sold-out arena. I just pray that within time my music can grow along with the era and that I can always stay up to date with what the fans wanna hear.

I’m not saying I’m going to switch up my style. I am always gonna stay true to myself with the music I believe in. I hope I can be someone that can give you that feel good music, that music you can wake up to and go to sleep to and also deal with your problems in life.

I want people to relate to my music and say, “Wow, I ain’t the only person going through that or thinking that.” I want my music to eventually get to a level where someone hears one of my songs and a good memory pops in there head because they were listening to my joints at the time.

I want people to remember my music like they remember the first time they made love, as long as it was good love and not a one night stand.


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