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JoeyPinkney.com Interview with Donovin Freeman


(This interview was conducted with Donovin Freeman on September 30, 2012, prior to the release of “And Still…”)

Joey Pinkney: Hello, Donovin Freeman. Thank you for joining me and granting me this interview.

Donovin Freeman: No problem. I’m glad to be here.

Joey Pinkney: You are a man of many hats in the entertainment industry. Could you give a brief run down of your various projects and achievments?

Donovin Freeman: My first novel is entitled “Home”. It is based on a true story about my mother, her brother and her two sisters. After I did that, I started writing screenplays and finally directed and produced the movie “Stuck on Broke” which starred southern rapper OJ Da Juiceman and Nicki Minaj, but Nicki left. I followed that up with the release of my latest novel “Running in Place” which has been getting good buzz so far.

Joey Pinkney: The book industry has changed tremendously since the initial publication of “Home” in 2001. How has the change of the times caused you to revamp your approach to promoting and marketing your works?

Donovin Freeman: Of course, I use all the social media platforms twitter, facebook, etc. I also use traditional things like local newspaper and TV ads. I’m also planning on doing some stuff with bookclubs. I love that the internet has given everyone a level playing field. Continue reading JoeyPinkney.com Interview with Donovin Freeman