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5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… Pauline R. Evans, author of Winter’s Kisses

JoeyPinkney.com Exclusive Interview
5 Minutes, 5 Questions With…
Pauline R. Evans, editor of Winter’s Kisses
(Pink Peach Publishing)

Winter’s Kisses is a novel that entails a heart-capturing and soul-comforting tale of two lovers that were on the verge of a destructive marriage that could only be saved through determination and a new outlook, and of course the help of good friends.

Certainly, it’s a book that values the moments of time and the essence of true love, no matter the outcomes. Many of characters, who grew up together from the days of high school in the suburbs, are personified as first loves, crushes, and the once daydreamed. Each search for fulfillment of love. Their consciences were never settled, but the principle was always the cornerstone of their very existence.

The novel is indubitably unique which brings the soap opera right at your eyes. Each chapter gives a first-person, first-hand account for each of the characters experiences, thoughts and feelings. It allows the readers to see the scenes magically before their eyes.

Though the dramatic, the sensual and the playful, Winter’s Kisses gives the synopsis of the everyday life of marriage and the thoughtful moments that couples should have and be aware of in order for the union to be blessed and flourish. Life is certainly a challenge, but with goodness and with love, even the very impossible in life can be a miracle.

Behold, in the blue skies, the passion that burns deep, but ousted. Yet, the colors of the garden will come again, and her name shall no longer be of season. Winter said she will never change.

Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write Winter’s Kisses?

Pauline R. Evans: One morning in June of 2009, I stood in my bedroom after my morning’s devotion and reflected intensely. I was contemplating on what purpose life has for me, after being laid off from my job. I remember I asked the Lord what’s next.

Emotions were running wildly, and yet, with all control, I decided to sit by my laptop. After I reminisced for a few hours, I started typing. After a while, my typing became words that reflected on two important virtues that mattered to me greatly: love and relationships.

At first, it was just 106 pages of something. Having realized the coherence of my thoughts, I called it progress and named it a story. After weeks of writing, reviewing, re-writing and editing, with the help of great and true friends, it resulted in the composition of my first novel, Winter’s Kisses.

JP: What sets Winter’s Kisses apart from other novels hinged upon love lost and torrid affairs?

PE: What sets the novel as a cut above the rest is the idea of scope: how a story is viewed and how far the story can go. While other stories allow the reader to see the events like a window shopping experience, Winter’s Kisses allow the reader to “walk in an feel what the store has to offer”.

Opening the book invokes a panoramic experience to the reader, as the emotion and texture of the feelings of each character intensified with every flip of the page. Each chapter has its own character speaking. Each chapter has its own expression.

What sets the book above the rest however is with each ups and downs of relationships, there was always someone to offer guidance. This brought great resolve and a conscious realization that true love can take anyone anywhere.

JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to Winter’s Kisses getting out to the public?

PE: The keys to my success are based solely on interaction and referrals. I would, for example, send my book to various book clubs for their review and suggestions for future books. My friends in different states would spread the word about the novel and would also be involved in handing out book markers and flyers.

With daily interactions and communications online, I would make referrals to my book on my website www.paulineevansonline.com, as well as various social networks online such as Facebook with a fan page specially created for Facebook users to join and to be updated with the latest in sales, contests and announcements and MySpace.

JP: As an author, what is your writing process? How long did it take for you to start and finish Winter’s Kisses?

PE: My writing process starts with inspiration and reflection. I will think on what life has been like for me and how life has contributed to my growth and development as a woman. Then the process is extended into writing these experiences and memories down.

Personifying the experiences is the next step, thinking of characters that may match the dispositions displayed throughout the entire story line. The final step is now building the scenes around the character which enhances their personalities effectively. It took me a couple of weeks of writing, changing, editing and re-editing.

Though I may think of and jot the ideas, I didn’t write from an outline. I, however, wrote from my heart and about the things that the Lord pours inside me at night when I lay in bed.

JP: What’s next for Pauline R. Evans?

PE: I am almost finished with the sequel to Winter’s Kisses, which I am anticipating as the readers are anxiously waiting to see what happens next. I will promise this much: I will continue writing as God grants the strength, wisdom and opportunities for the books to be a success and an inspiration to many.

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