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National Reading Month With… Adrienna Turner, author of The Day Begins with Christ

adrienna turner the day begins with christ on amaondotom

Adrienna Dionna Turner, author of Day Begins with Christ: As the first-born child, my mother read books to me since birth up to a tender age of five. She excitedly tells everyone, including me, that I was able to read words on the page of a book at seven months old. She realized I had a photographic memory at an early age. She would read the book to me at night. I would be able to view the book, reading the words aloud. Around five years old, I was able to read the books on my own. In my childhood years, my father would challenge me to read book several grades above my normal level and even adult books of all genres. He wanted to stimulate my mind with vivid pictures. He asked complex questions to see if I understood the concept of the book and morale or author’s perspective.

Today, it inspired not only my writing and reading, but my completion degrees in Information Resources (computers) and Library Information Science. Additionally, I love to research and expand my horizons beyond reading fiction. It gave me the ability to learn a trade or how a business operates. It also gave me the ability to mature spiritually by opening up a book and letting my mind absorb it all like a sponge-soak it in, and then apply it to my life. My latest book is Day Begins with Christ, is an inspirational non-fiction book. It focuses on Christian men and women who want to walk with Jesus Christ. What makes my book more unique than the typical inspirational book is the journey that it takes you on to become one with Christ. It is a 50 day to day journey that helps strengthen the Christian faith. Additionally, the main purpose of writing my book is to build godly character by taking a journey on their godly path with the true intentions to dedicate their lives to God, while it also encourages them to become a better man or woman.

For information about Adrienna Dionna Turner and Day Begins with Christ, please visit http://www.adriennaturner.webs.com.

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